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Photography by Celestine Aerden

5 months 
We were gunning for earlier since half of our guests are not from where we are doing the wedding at but because we only have 30 guests and our close friends at that, it was easier to communicate with them even without the invites on hand yet.

We love the idea of just raw, genuine and au natural invites -- something that speaks for us and our weekend wedding. We contacted our dear friend/bridesmaid and graphic designer, Tessa Lerbekmo-Joyes to discuss the idea and she proposed hand painting (then scanning it). The initial design was actually more detailed and complicated than this but after deciphering, we decided to just go for the simpler version. She also drew the maps and the wedding schedule by hand. 

If you've seen my previous post, you would know that I made the Save-the-Date's myself. Same with the STD, I also printed the wedding invitations myself. All the part where there was typing involved, I did it myself and just used the logo that Tessa made. If I could draw as good as Tessa, I would probably just hand painted and drew everything myself too!

Yes, it is a lot of work from printing to cutting to making my own envelopes (we made postcards for people to send back with prepaid stamps on them) and wax sealing (I purchased a custom one from Mangololo) every invite but in the end, it was all worth it! 

Jot down or, even draw or, create an inspiration board of what you envision your invites to be. This will help once you start chatting with your graphic designer.
Do your research. There are a lot of creative vendors on Etsy and a lot of them customize depending on your idea and budget (the more complicated ones like mine are around the $200-$300 range).
If you are a minimalist and can make your own invites, there's nothing wrong with doing it yourself (or there are templates available online and even at Costco or Staples). 

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