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Photography by Celestine Aerden
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Contrary to other brides out there, I slept really well (I was the last one to wake up amongst all my other housemates). I had breakfast (my married friends advised that I should eat otherwise I won't be able to for the rest of the day).  My favourite part was hair and make-up because for the first time, I sat peacefully on a chair without people bothering me (I felt like it was my much-awaited 'me' time). 

I know other brides were concerned about how their grooms were doing but I don't think I even communicated with mine one bit (oops). I knew my mother-in-law was there and she knows men's fashion more than anyone else so I knew the groom's party were in good hands. Another thing we didn't do is exchanged gifts... just didn't feel the need to (we already spent so much on the wedding itself, no?) and I mean, no one wants their make-up ruined a few hours before they walk down the aisle, right? 

I had no idea what my wedding ceremony area would look like. Okay, of course I have an idea, I drew it out! But I did not see it commence until I was walking down the aisle as it was only set up the morning of (our ceremony was outdoors and we were afraid if we set up overnight, it might be frosty and wet --  it did rain a bit the morning of, so good call!). I had to completely trust my mother-in-law and sister-in-law as they were fully in charge of the wedding ceremony area and boy, was I taken away! 

Don't be afraid to ask. It is your day but you need help (be willing to accept it, I tell controlling myself, ha ha). My mom was wrapping the bouquets up the morning of our wedding (we didn't have a florist and she knew that was her task before hand). My MOH steamed my wedding dress (I was going to do it myself but hey, she offered!). My friend did other people's hair for free and my other BM did my mom's make-up.  

If your wedding party did not sleepover, give them a specific time as to when they should be there the day of. I told my party be there at 10:30-11:00 and most of them followed that (some didn't but what can you do?). 

Rehearsal is important! We did our 'aisle' walk with our wedding entourage (everyone was present, thank God) about 3-4x the night before (I was completely the bridezilla, lol) and I think that helped A LOT.

If you don't have a wedding coordinator, make sure you have a walkie talkie so you can communicate with your MOH or whoever is in-charge. We didn't bring ours so we kind of just winged it (also my MOH running back and forth; good thing she was in flats) -- it worked but it would've been more convenient if we had walkie talkies (or cell phones, I guess but our location didn't have cellphone signal) on hand. 

RELAX & TRUST! Not everything will go according to your plan or how you thought things would be (sometimes they turn out to be even better actually) but that's alright! Remember, you are here solely to marry the love of your life. All the other things are just tiny 'stuff' compared to that!


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