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Last week I got the chance to go on the road with the NEW Ford Lincoln MKX. To be honest with you, I know nothing about cars AT ALL. I usually take the passenger's seat and enjoy the view, that is what I am good at (oh, and take photos as we go). I do, however, know a thing or two about traveling. Now with our lifestyle and love for the outdoors, we actually have a truck. Nothing fancy about it, just that it is reliable, efficient and can get us anywhere (yes, we even have a tent sitting on top of it). Truthfully, I wasn't as excited as my fiancé, Andrew was when we got the Lincoln. He knows a lot about cars and was telling me about all the features (and how much $$$ this car costs) it has but I really didn't care that much. And then the time came wherein we had to go on quite a drive to the rockies... Ladies, I tell you, my luxury standards were redefined (as promised by this car and delivered quite amazingly). Some of you might have heated seats in your cars and that won't amaze you (it didn't amaze me though because c'mon, I've been in vehicles with that feature but now I actually wish we had the same in our truck) but the thing that sold me on this car were the MASSAGE SEATS!!! When you are sitting on your bum, traveling for hours on the road, you will appreciate something massaging you -- definitely taking the 'sit back, relax and enjoy' to a whole new level. If you are buying this vehicle, make your passenger (and the driver too, actually) happy and add on that massage feature! 

It is not just the massage chair that I noticed and loved. As someone who is not a pro about engines, there are other things that I appreciated or more so, amazed me. For instance, how I never felt we were driving fast. I didn't think that was a good thing because I like fast cars due to my lack of patience (I specifically remembered asking Andrew, "Why are you driving so slow?" He wasn't.) but this ride is smooth as silk (you might be going faster than the speed limit, be sure you don't get carried away). I told my fiancé that this is the perfect "baby" car for that reason (and a great car for license road tests) and you hardly hear any engine noise. Oh, and the other thing that I appreciated was the ginormous sun roof. Think about it, parked somewhere with your lady, appreciating the moon and stars (maybe if you're lucky, the Northern Lights) or, if you are into Instagram (I am! Follow me at @kdfaustino for more adventures), a different perspective/angle (and lots of likes!) of what is out there. 

Enough of my feminine girly thoughts...

Men, I know you are waiting for a 'real' review (straight-forward for your own manly convenience) so here's what my fiancé thought about the 2016 Ford Lincoln MKX:

"Revel Ultima" Sound System 
pretty incredible and easy to set up; from spoken voice (podcast) to music blasting or low volume, very clear

Driver Assist Features 
there's a lot from lane to brake assist (when fast braking), auto lights, auto high beams (when it is dark and no one is around) and adaptive cruise control; you will always feel like there's someone helping you

 Blind Spot Monitoring System 
poor visibility and a large blind spot made the blind spot monitoring system a necessity 

very easy to use with voice; it looks up some amenities/establishments for you such as bank, mall, gas stations, etc. but there's some issues finding some buildings as some are a year old and not updated

Park Assist
intimidating; our first experience it shut down and rebooted halfway through parking

Ecoboost Engine
small but had great power; made merging a breeze

Drive Control
really well done; adjusts suspension as you drive making it a very smooth ride

HERE's a short vid of our road trip with the MKX.

Special thanks to
for this wonderful experience!


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such an awesome car! xO!


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