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Photoraphy by Celestine Aerden

I never liked those cheesy Bridesmaids dresses that are too matchy-matchy and I would never in a million years ask someone to wear something they are not comfortable in. Thus, I decided to do the mismatched but match look for my bridal party in hues of cream and beige and other natural tones. Since our theme is Woodland, I asked all of my Maids to find something bohemian-like and gypsy-ish. 

Same goes for the Groomsmen, we just asked them to wear a grey-coloured suit with a white shirt. My future mother-in-law was Harry Rosen's Eastern Canada Regional Director so I asked her to take care of them boys. 

Planning a wedding is stressful. Sometimes you won't get along with everyone's opinions and sometimes they are unsolicited (this is the truth!). Make sure that the friends you choose as a part of your Entourage, would be friends who, no matter if you have differences, would surpass this kind of stressor (Weddings are in the Top 5 Most Stressful Situations in One's Lifetime together with moving, having a child, etc -YIKES!). Do not choose people just based on your family ties or, how long you've known each other or, because you feel obliged to. You're the one getting married and you should be able to do and choose as you please (everyone has that chance so they can do it on their own wedding not yours). 

I wish I chose a smaller entourage (maybe one MOH and one/two BM instead, to match Andrew's) and chose them 6 months before the wedding instead BUT it doesn't mean my BMs weren't awesome! 

The Bride surprised her Bridal Party with Swarvoski Stud Earrings in a DIY box. Step-by-step DIY on HERE.


Karolina - bff since 2011
Bounded by our unnaturalized residence in Canada and our love for style, our friendship's been through severe health conditions, moving, adopting, marrying and all other significant changes in one's life in your late 20's and early 30's (Honestly, couldn't have done it without the vodka and the vino though!). 

Grace - friend since 2004
The friendship that has seen the dumb decisions you make in your early 20's, your first job, first love, first heartache (lots of sleepless nights & shots of Tequila)  to growing a backbone in your mid 20's, moving into a completely different country and having a more mature disposition in your 30's (this friendship has seen it all, literally ALL!).

Coritha - friend since 2010
It's not everyday you find a friend who shares the same likes and mostly the same values; and it also doesn't hurt that she's the most reliable nurse/family/friend who has seen you in the ICU fighting for your life; the one who cries and laughs with you and who has adopted you to their family (not as if they needed another one in their massive clan but I'm happy to have a spot!). 

Tessa - friend since 2011
The kind of friend that you can be yourself with, laugh with and laugh at; the one that stood the test of time and transcended to being more than just another fickle face in the fashion industry social scene (we liked each other so much, we became neighbours!).

*** Unfortunately, the other Maid of Honour (Nezie) and Bridesmaid (Abby) could not fly out due to some unforeseen circumstances. ***

The groom surprised his Entourage with personalized flasks and neck ties to go with their Wedding Suits.


Jon - bff since 1988
The childhood friend that has been there through the years, every birthday, every major and minor event in your life-- he is practically family; the type of friend who even if you are miles apart or don't communicate every time picks up where you left off like it was yesterday. 

Matt - friend since 2008
There are people you meet out of circumstance and they become that really great friend you keep even after that 'circumstance' because they share your same passion for video games, paint ball, MMA and it doesn't hurt that he has some influential objective reliable opinions about life, too. 

*** Unfortunately, the other Groomsman (Andrew) could not make it due to unforeseen circumstances. ***


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