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No matter how you veer away from tourist spots in London, you find yourself mesmerized. They are not overrated for nothing. So on our second day in this beautiful city, we hopped on and off our roofless double decker tour bus and saw the magic of London's streets, architectures, history and many more. Lucky enough to know too that the Queen is somewhere in the Buckingham Palace as we sigh in awe. 

This day was also a food-filled day from breakfast and coffee with my future-Brit friend, Linda of The Mavric; to indulging ourselves with my best friend's  auntie in Jamie Oliver's Jaime's Italian Restaurant in Covent Garden (see pork belly and roast chicken madness); and THE BEST Chinese food I've ever had (not sure what the resto is called but it is in Bayswater)! Who would've thought...London, you never cease to amaze. 

Photos by Andrew L. and KD Faustino