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I honestly thought I could put all of London in just one post but I was completely wrong. This is part one of probably three that I will be sharing with you all. What an absolute amazing city -- everywhere you look is pretty incredible! I thought that the English Country side was spectacular and then I got to London and WOW. This city tapped my inner photographer and how much I've always wanted to be behind the camera instead of in front of it. 

On day one, I was already swept away inside The London Eye having The Champagne Tasting Experience and enjoying London up above! Then to end it all of with a pre-birthday dinner at Gillray's Steakhouse at Westminster Bridge whilst overlooking Big Ben and what not; and don't get me started with our afternoon tea and scone at Kensington Palace. I was spoiled! 

And then to come home to the London House in Bayswater in the Kensington Area...it is not Shangri-la at the Shard but it was in a wonderful neighbourhood. Then again, I wouldn't mind a "pillow menu with hypoallergenic options" (a girl can dream!).

Photos by Andrew L. and KD Faustino


Sarah said...

I was in London last year and loved it, London is such a cool city. Beautiful photos, looking forward to seeing more of your trip!


Rebecca Jane said...

Your photos are absolutely wonderful. Just ... wow.

KD said...

Thanks, Sarah! It is definitely a city I would love to come back to x

KD said...

That's so sweet! Thanks x

Julia Percia David said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time there! I totally love London! Such good vibes in here!

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Julia from aboyeurblog.com

Adam said...

awesome pictures of London