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Fell in love with Whitby in the heart of the east coast in North Yorkshire. The quaint cottages, the cobblestone streets, small shops -- I was smitten. It honestly crossed my mind that we could actually pack our bags, leave Canada and move here. The fact that it is close to the North Sea with the freshest fish (and chips) made me want it even more. It reminded me of home (Philippines). That flat shore line, I could imagine myself skim boarding again! 

As if the seaside town isn't enough, you could walk up 199 steps and there it is, Whitby Abbey. A ruined Benedictine abbey overlooking the sea on the East Cliff above Whitby in North Yorkshire. The gothic architecture shows so much heritage in mysterious ways. No wonder Bram Stroker was inspired to write Dracula with this in sight. 

Definitely one of my favourite spots in the English country! 

As promised, I will be back to share snippets of my travel to the UK. I've been sharing most of them in my Instagram (@kdfaustino) and I have also revived my dying Facebook page.

Photos by Andrew L. and KD Faustino


Nathalie Alexandra said...

lovely pictures


KD said...

Thank you! X