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“When you are the life of the party, it is time to leave.”

FIVE YEARS. Five years of outfits. Five years of life stories. Five years of brand collaborations. Five years of front rows, free shopping sprees and VIP passes.

I must admit that for five years, I was a slave to my blog. Stay on top of your game, know the latest trends and associate yourself with the right people – or else. I was afraid to not be in the front row. I was afraid to not have the expensive purse. I was afraid to miss out on events. I was afraid to dislike people I “should” like. I was afraid to not have a blog post even if all week it’s -50 and it is impossible to take photos outside without getting hypothermia. Fashion does that to you, in a way or two.

I would say though that everything I was afraid of, no matter how full of pessimism, have put me in the map – In Style, Vogue UK, MTV, Holt Renfrew, Fashion Magazine, Cosmopolitan and everything else I could name drop.

I am deeply grateful, nonetheless. It opened doors I never thought would be opened for this immigrant from the Philippines. I am humbled to be named Top 15 Fashion Blogs in Canada, Style Ambassador of Joe Fresh and whatever “Top List” you can think of. I am still passionate about fashion and never would I think of it a frivolity but rather an indulgence.

“What is the future of The Girl with the Messy Hair?”

Several past interviewers have asked me this and I have always said that I am shutting it down by 30. Six months before the big 3-0, I am setting the records straight that yes, that answer still holds true to this day and yes, it is probably happening even before September.

"Would there be days wherein I would question my decision?"

Probably more than a day, to be honest.

However, I may be completely irrelevant to the world but what matters to me is that I am relevant to the people who are significant to me and vice versa. Not just random people who would want to gossip – although I will admit, it is nice to creep and gossip sometimes! So if you are those relevant people in my life or one of those who want to creep and gossip, I will gladly put a post or two of my travels or our house or dog.

As for my outfits, I am giving them a good amount of R&R – at least to the camera. But sure, if there is an outfit too cute to pass on, I would gladly share it!

And here is my apology for laughing at people who wore Lululemons because I will attest; they are the comfiest quality splurge you will ever have. Fellow Early Childhood Educators can attest that jeans are just not the way to go (especially when you Indian sit on the floor all day, keep your butt cracks to yourself) and don’t even get me started with grey pants (hello, clay, mud and unidentified foreign objects). Hashtag why did I even bother dressing up.

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

I would be irrelevant.
I would not be pressured to conform.
Fuck FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). 

I have not given up. I obviously still am always online shopping. I have just moved on -- gracefully and with a grateful heart. 

Slowing down on blogging (and possibly stopping) is what I would do if I weren’t afraid.