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You know that I've always been a social advocate and this time, I teamed up with SmartBuyGlasses Canada to promote the BUY ONE, GIVE ONE program. 

Through the Buy One, Give One program, SmartBuyGlasses donates a pair of glasses for each pair purchased to one of their charity partners (right now, the UNITE FOR SIGHT). 

There are over 300 million people around the world who don't have access to glasses or are unable to learn or work because they can't see clearly. In these impoverished communities, a pair of glasses can create a purposeful life and an opportunity for employment. Imagine what glasses means for an aspiring student learning to read or a factory worker hand painting small crafts.

Through the Buy One, Give One program the company have currently donated $1,000,000 worth of prescription eyewear and with your continued support, they will be able to reach our two million dollar donation goal by the end of 2014. 

Shop for a cause, always! Your purchase makes a difference!
Buy your sunglasses/glasses HERE.