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Cape: c/o Caitlin Power (Buy HERE), Dress: H&M, Liquid leggings: Berksha via romwe.com, Hat: c/o LeChateu, Bangle: c/o Anne B. Accessories, Boots: Vintage

The photos that didn't make it. I'm going to let you in a little secret... These "fall outfit" photos were taken during the middle of summer for the Coats Issue of FASHION MAGAZINE (October 2013, page 242). Thank God that this year, Calgary's summer is rainier and chillier than ever or, I would be sweating in this outfit. Nonetheless, this is the perfect outfit for fall and in the same issue, I share tips on how to style your fall outfit specifically in Calgary. 

Here's what I have to say:

"I've learned to expect than unexpected when it comes to Calgary weather, which means perfecting the art of layering. I love the idea of throwing a cape over a dress for an urban boho look."

 1) A classic wide-brimmed fedora provides instant polish to any fall ensemble.
2) Bold accessories like this amber resin bangle add colour and interest to a muted palette. 
3) Pale pink and whimsical heart prints bring a touch of femininity to a streamlined, structured silhouette.
4) Add utilitarian edge to a chic city ensemble with a pair of rugged combat boots. 

Still out on newsstands! 


trendiing said...

Wow! Really in love with your outfit!!


KD said...

Thanks, dear!

Denisa said...

Perfect outfit and coat.


Adam said...

looks wonderful

KD said...

Thank you xx

Tra Mi Nguyen said...

Beautiful outfit!!!


Weronika said...

great look! love your cape :)

KD said...

Thank you girls xx