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This September has been crazy with all the major changes that happened in my life and the stress was overwhelming. So, as told, I packed my bags and we headed to the mountains for three days to relax, be one with nature and celebrate my last year of being twenty-something! I had no idea exactly what was going on but Andrew exceeded my expectations and I was blown away by every single detail. He planned and made it all happen! I got lucky -- how many girls can say that and truly mean it everyday? I KNOW I DO!


Adam said...

happy birthday

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Beautiful photos KD. Happy Birthday.

xo Ashley

KD said...

Thank you xo

Joana said...

Oh wow, gorgeous photos!

x Joana
When You Dream Big

andysparkles said...

awesome photos, so fascinating!


Mafalda said...

Happy birthday, I love your photo, and I think you're even more beautiful in casual outfit, you've got a natural beauty! The scenery is awesome!
Mafalda ❤

KD said...

Thank you everyone!!!! xoxo

s said...

love ur shirt/sweater so awesome! xO!