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A DRESS FOR EVERY OCCASION: Top Wardrobe Essentials

It doesn’t matter what the occasion, whether you have an office party or a wedding party to go to, or you just want to boost your selection of dresses for everyday use, George dresses are some of the best quality and affordable pieces you can find on the high street. Whether you’re a bit of a dress addict or you struggle to find one that suits your body shape and is inkeeping with your style, owning a few to choose from can help you solve any fashion-related dilemmas you may have.

For the Workplace
If you’re tired of wearing a smart pair of trousers and a suitable top for your days in the office, incorporate a couple of dresses into your wardrobe to mix it up a little. Remember to retain the smart vibe and team with a pair of comfortable and practical court shoes or flats, and show off your pins with some good quality, thick denier tights.
The midi dress is a great addition to your office wardrobe, such as the Geo Print Midi Dress, for £14, from George.  Sculpting and flattering, the cut of the dress would be ideal for the workplace while also keeping bang on fashion. Alternative options from George also include the Barbara Hulanicki Print Tie Waist Dress with monochrome floral print and the simple stripe sweater dress for a more smart-casual feel. This one would look fabulous with some opaque tights during the colder months.

For the Night Out
Every girl needs at least a dress or two to choose from for their night on the town. Whether you’re heading out with the girls to celebrate a birthday or you’re joining your colleagues from work for a pre-Christmas get-together, opting for a dress will give you an added air of confidence for the evening – especially if you choose one that suits you and your curves perfectly.
No wardrobe is complete without a trusty black dress and this Peekaboo Bodycon Dress would look perfect on the slimmer figure while showcasing your femininity. Finishing just below the knee, it oozes elegance and style, too.
Alternatively, brighten up the room on a dull day with a colourful number that will make you stand out from the crowd. Choose oranges or reds and you’ll look hot on the dancefloor.

For the Hot Date
Every couple deserves to enjoy some quality time together once in a while. Organise a babysitter, leave the kids at home and book a table at your favourite restaurant. Reignite the spark between you both and enjoy some time where it’s just the two of you.
A dress is a must for the occasion – whether it’s a little black dress or something that leaves a little to the imagination will depend on your personal taste and shape, but either way, a dress will help you to radiate confidence so that you don’t just light up the room, but your other half’s heart too.

Having several dresses to choose from for every occasion can really help to provide you with plenty of excellent outfit options and, by shopping at George, you will get more for your money, too.