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How many times do we give our faces a detox? Whether it’s going make up free on Sundays, using all sorts of products in the shower in a bid for a flawless face, or simply gently cleansing it daily with warm water, we’re pretty good at looking after our faces. But can the same be said for our feet?           
How many times have you come home from a night out, shoes in hand, complaining of sore achy feet? If this sounds like you after practising your fancy footwork skills or after a long day at the office, you’re definitely in need of a foot makeover, pronto. A makeover and some Insolia high heel insertsthese miracle pads can make all the difference. They basically shift the body’s weight so there’s less forefoot pressure on your feet and legs, meaning your body alignment, balance and ankle stability are improved.

But first, let’s talk makeovers. There are four key steps to this, so listen up:

Step #1: Soak
If you’ve got achy and sore feet, one of the nicest things you can treat your feet to is a soothing foot soak. It’ll soften them just lovely before you exfoliate. Fill your bath tub or a deep bowl with the hottest temperature of water your feet can bear and stand / sit for ten minutes.
Hot water on its own is fine, but you can jazz it up to no end – why not try lavender, tea tree, chamomile oil or Epsom salts.

Step #2: Exfoliate
Once your feet are all warmed up, it’s time to get rid of all those dead skin cells (yum). Use a pumice stone or a foot scrub –as well as erasing all those skin cells, an exfoliating cream will encourage circulation and condition your skin too. Be sure to massage in clockwise circles and focus on the areas that feel the roughest.

Step #3: Moisturise
Now for the silky massage. Choose a moisturiser that sits well with the rest of your skin, take a generous amount and smother onto your feet. Rub gently until the cream is all gone, paying special attention to the heels and big toes. Watch out though – your feet are likely to be a bit oily, so take care walking about.

Step #4: Paint
Finally, once your tootsies are feeling fresh and dainty, adorn your toes with the colour of your choice.
There you have it – enviably gorgeous feet! And ladies, next time you know you’re going to be on your feet for a lengthy amount of time, pop an insert in for ultimate comfort.

Photo c/o proudminds.com