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If you feel like your wardrobe is lacking in a bit of fashion pizzazz and you’re running out of style inspiration and ideas, then do not fear! There are plenty of great fashion resources which could reignite the creativity and individuality needed for a great sense of personal style. Read on for a quick guide on the best sources which will excite your fashion-savvy mind.

First and foremost, some great resources at your fingertips are womens catalogues and fashion magazines. Look at what’s hot in the style ranks for next season and take some inspiration from what’s on the pages for the latest trends. You’ll find an array of magazines and catalogues which will provide you with plenty of insight on the best daywear, eveningwear, sportswear and the like! Whether you consider yourself to be a haute-couture-loving fashion guru or an extremely busy hands-on mum, there’s a publication out there bursting with ideas and images to improve your wardrobe and secure your confidence in the process!

The internet is your greatest resource for insights and advice on how to jazz up an old garment, or find a unique trend to suit your shape. Try out some fashion blogs or online articles and explore personal style on an international level by reading and sharing. Social media is also a great way to learn about some new tips and tricks to embellish an outfit or accessorise well, so why not follow your favourite fashion brands on Twitter and Facebook to keep on top of garment debuts. Moreover, watch some ‘How To...’ videos as these are great for bringing out the designer in you. Online tutorials are great sources to learn new things from other like-minded people, especially if you love being creative and imaginative with what you’re wearing.

Haberdashery stores are the best place for an aspiring designer or fashion lover as they’re full to the brim with unique fabrics, prints, embellishments and embroidery supplies. Update your wardrobe with some new textiles and materials – you could easily make an old, frumpy cardigan or skirt look chic and sophisticated with some elegant buttons and trimmings. Take some advice from the aesthetics and visuals of a unique pattern or an interesting colour and bring some distinctiveness to your wardrobe!

High Street
Of course, there’s always the good old high street to get some new ideas. Go window shopping and take note of what looks good on the mannequins and hangers. From the cheap and cheerful to the expensive one-offs, there are plenty of stores which can help you to shape a unique sense of personal style.

There you have it: an abundance of resources to restore some animation and liveliness to your wardrobe! Whether you’re browsing for a new outfit or a whole new look altogether, you’ll never fall short of ideas on where to start searching!

Photo c/o Vogue