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(Top L-Bottom R) Finally reunited with my MK watch after 2 months of repair; It's a jeans and Converse sneakers kind of day; I made burgers from scratch for Sunday picnic at the park; Sunshine and bikinis; My lovely bf gave me flowers for the first time; Typical weekend sunbathing at Prince Island's; Uhhhhmazing turnout at Runway Monthly's opening night; I drink in bed whilst my bf sleeps; Watched my first hockey game & the Flames lost; Beautiful clutch from Nuage 9; My fave necklace as of the moment from Adorie Jewels; 'Tis flip flops and maxi dress kind of day; Current facebook cover photo; First ever cheesy card I gave to O; Things I miss; Filipino food overload at Chix's; Noir Lash faux fur lashes sent to my doorstep; Breakky for the sick made by ze bf (still with bacon but of course!)

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