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Wow! What an opening night it was for RUNWAY MONTHLY!
I remember being called to be part of this team last year when THE best of THE best of Calgary's fashion industry came together. I can still remember sitting across Katie Karvellas, Danielle Kondruk, Kim Flanagan, Domingo Lumanog and I wondered why ME amongst all the other bloggers in the city. I sat all night intimidated by the great energy that each of these people brought to the table. That was our first meeting...from then on, I tweeted, updated Facebook and handled every Social Media aspect of this show possible. We worked so hard on making RUNWAY MONTHLY possible and we couldn't be happier with the GREAT AMAZING TURNOUT we had last Tuesday during our opening night! That led us to believe that there is really a MASSIVE need for a fashion fix to this city and that's what RUNWAY MONTHLY is all about. This is just the beginning...every month on a Tuesday from now on till September, we will have a date at The Bank, 7pm! See you all there~

Each month, we are NOT only showcasing designers but also stylists and retailers in the city.

I was honestly surprised to see that Nicole Rita Tomney, the young talented designer behind this line to show a softer collection (aka not black outfits) than what she used to do. Still with an edge injected to all of her designs, NRT definitely once again blew me away with her ability to show something that we weren't expecting out of her. I wonder what she'll pull out of her bag next time! 

Artists Within stylist Crystal Mckenzie teamed up with local boutique Primitive Culture to showcase some boho chic look that is very timely for Spring/Summer. Styled with puffy messy hair and with no shoes, this collection really embodied what bohemian fashion is all about.

Ending the show is Pout Clothing with a very Japanese inspired collection from the hair to the make-up, the colours and cuts of the clothing, Summersgill really hit bulls eye with the Asian flare.

From the runway to the trunkshow, these fashionistas definitely had their fashion addiction satisfied!
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See you all beautiful fashionistas on May 15th-- same time, same place~

beso ♥