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(From Top L-R): Plaid blazer thrifted from the Philippines PHP 20 = CAD$ 47 cents. Harem jumpsuit thrifted from the Philippines PHP 50 = CAD $ 1.19. Liz Claiborne leopard vest thrifted from Value Village CAD $10+. Leopard wrap dress used as a cardigan thrifted from Value Village CAD $10-.

I've been thrift shopping for as far as I can remember (thus the many looks I've created around it shown in the collage above). I toned it down once I got to Canada because it seems like thrift clothes here are as expensive as say a brand new top from H&M or Forever21. 

Recently, I've been into cooking which obliges me to grocery shop more than clothes shopping. The thoughts of Extreme Couponing (as in the show which mind you, very addicting!) crossed my mind by I never got my head through it...yet. 

Little did I know, couponing isn't only for groceries but for clothes as well! Who would have thought that you could get  CouponCodes from one of my fave shoe stores online, Endless coupon or you can even get a Sears coupon code

What are you waiting for? 
Ready, set, coupon shopping!

beso ♥