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How to Find High-Quality, Pre-Owned Watches
A designer watch can add panache or elegance to your attire, depending on the style you select. Since luxury timepieces are built to last, buying preowned watches represents a sound investment. Avoid impulse buys. Decide which brand you want, how much you plan to spend and shop around. With a little effort, you can find a quality pre-owned watch in mint condition.

Shopping Online

Compare prices and store policies, as well as seller reputations. Reputable websites will offer one- to three-year warranties, as well as standard exchange and return policies. For instance, Mayors pre-owned watches come with a two-year warranty. Stick with well-established websites with a reputation for high-quality service. It’s a good sign if an online store has years of positive feedback on expensive items and a large inventory of high-priced products, according to The Raymond Lee Jewelers Blog. If you’re uncomfortable buying from online stores, look for businesses in your community that also have websites. Do your online research, jot down notes or questions, and then visit the store. 

Brick and Mortar Stores
Chain and family-owned jewelry stores in your community may sell pre-owned designer watches. Examine a watch in person, talk face-to-face with the sales staff and try on different timepieces. Just like with online stores, however, you still need to do your homework. Research the business before making your purchase. Find out how long the jewelry store has been around. You’ll have an easier time checking a store’s reputation if it's been in business for decades. Ask friends or family members if they’ve shopped there; find out whether they had a good or bad experience. Do an online search for “business name AND customer reviews.” Visit the Better Business Bureau’s website to find out whether anyone has filed a complaint about the jewelry stores on your list.

Expert Advice
Vet your watch dealer’s credentials. Since the Internet gives you access to businesses around the globe, the associations and societies will vary by country. In the U.S., for instance, this includes such groups as the National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors and the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute. In the United Kingdom, a reputable dealer likely will be a member of the British Horological Institute.

Shop wisely!

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