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Okay, I know you are tired of me talking about the weather but I can't help it -- I live in the most unpredictable city in the world in terms of weather. Last weekend was unbelievably sunny! It was + 9 and in Canada particularly Calgary, that is equivalent to skirt and sneakers weather. Thus I was able to wear this very summer-y sporty outfit last Sunday, hang out and soak up the sun (literally sun bathed) in the SAIT field with O after an exhausting apartment-hunting Saturday.

Old Navy top. H&M skirt. Converse sneakers. Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. D&G sunglasses. Joe scarf. Arm Party: Anne B. Accessories, Boopydoodle, Serefina via citizensplanet.com, Ardene. Ring given by a friend. 
Photos by O

I'm debuting so many things in this post namely my new D&G cat's eye sunnies, Marc by Marc Jacobs cross body bag and high-top Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers. Thank God for my amazing blog sponsors, I don't have to break the bank for these awesome stuff!

beso ♥


Chunny said...

I like your outfit. =)


Anete said...

Amazing outfit!


KD faustino said...

Thank you, lovelies xo

Gopika said...

I love the look. A new post has come up on my blog. Hope you take a look. :) We can even follow each other.

karolinas-style.ca said...

Hard to believe how weather changed in just one day :/
Btw this bag is much larger than I thought :)

KD faustino said...

I hear ya! Now it's snowing once again! Oh well. Yeah, I need a bigger bag for all my shit aka my camera. LOL!

Thanks, girlies!

PopRocks&Peacoats said...

Absolutely love this look, sporty and chic. I am totally diggin' the after-school athletic vibe.

xo Bailey

Kassandra said...

Umm jealous of your sunnies! And the lack of snow!
I love all the teal!
<3 Kastles

mestizay said...

Lookin friggin amazing as always!:) i wish i could find a place as beautiful as that.

KD faustino said...

Im not usually sporty but I actually love this look! So comfy! Love my new sneaks!

Thanks ladies x

Number Two Lover said...

Love it! You rocked that skirt-sneakers look :)

antonia said...

I envy the weather! here in poland is about -15 :(
nice outfit!


KD faustino said...

Believe me the weather is now back to its winter state! :(

Thanks lovelies x

Dress Me Dearly said...

The Bag! The Sunglasses! loooove it.


KD faustino said...

You are lovely, miss!

Clouds said...

hehe very cute!