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I remember during my 18th bday, my uncle gave me P10, 000 (back then that was a HUGE amount) and my aunt said that I should buy a diamond stud -- I bought the latest cell phone instead. Where's the cell phone now? I don't even know. What I do know is if I listened to my aunt, I would still have the diamond stud and wearing it up to this day. 

Anjolee has been the leading manufacturer of jewelry since 1977 and I suggest that you better take a look and buy your own diamond now than regret it later. Being in the industry for so long, Anjolee definitely knows   how to create the finest diamond pendants , tennis necklace and so much more.

 The best thing about Anjolee is that you can customize your own jewelry. I like the diamond pendant with round gemstone but you can always customize your jewelry to your own liking. 

In their customization tool, you can view the chain and diamond pendant in either yellow or white just by clicking the icons "View in Yellow" or "View in White."

You can also zoom the jewelry to see it up close.

This one is amazing -- you can have a 360 view of the diamond pendant  to see the fine details in every angle!

To customize your jewelry, you only have to do 5 easy steps:
1) Select Metal Type (yellow gold, white gold or platinum).
2) Select Total Carat Weight (you can see the height + width).
3) Select Gemstone (peridot, garnet, sapphire, citrine, amethyst or topaz).
4) Select Item Length (depending on your neck, wrist or finger size).
5) Select Diamond Quality (good to better to best).

6) When you are done, you can check your product configuration summary then add to cart!
***The best thing about this customization process is that the price changes as you customize too so you can clearly see if it fits of budget or not.

Whether you choose a diamond pendant or a tennis necklace, it comes along with a luxurious jewelry wood box with leatherette interior, sterling silver heart pendant and Anjolee's Certificate of Authenticity. Perfect gift for the Vday don't you think? After all, diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend, it's the men with girls in their lives too! I assure you, you can never go wrong with diamonds! 

Happy early Vday shopping, boys!

beso ♥