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Three things that women usually dread to shop for: bra, swimsuit and jeans. 
The last time I ever bought jeans that fit me like a glove was back in the Philippines and mind you, that was 2 years ago. I've been looking for the perfect denim brand here in Canada that will hug me in all the right places and make my ass look bangin' (everyone should know that this is one of the major components that you have to look when buying denim -- don't forget to look behind to see how your behind is looking!). I ordered two skinny jeans from Parasuco -- the Isko and the Ruby. To tell you honestly, I have never heard of Parasuco, my Canadian friends were surprised but you can't blame someone who just lived here for a year and a half. Apparently, Parasuco Jeans used to be the ultimate denim brand from the late 70's until around 2003-2005. Like what my Canadian friends said, you are considered uncool during those days if you didn't own a pair. Parasuco is one of those forgotten brands but after trying on two of their jeans (mind you, I ordered them online), I could not believe that people have forgotten about them! The jeans hugged and fit me in all the right places, it was sheer perfection -- and don't get me started with the wash! 

Bano and eeMee tuxedo blazer. Old Navy shirt. Parasuco jeans. Michael Kors bag. H&M combat boots and ring. F21 beanie. Anne B. Accessories beaded bracelets. Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle. Boopydoodle necklace and pearl bow bracelet. Aldo sunnies. 
photos by O

In this post, I am wearing the low rise supper skinny coated black stretch denim, Isko (ONLY $130!!!) and what makes this certain Parasuco pair special would be the indigo panels/inserts on both sides of the jean -- as I always say, it's all about the details! 

Hope you are having a wonderful start this 2012! Will show the other pair that I got in the next few posts and I smell a massive giveaway coming this week! Stay tuned~



Irene Buffa said...

thank u a lot for the sweet comment on my blog,
I love urs and I love this outfit,
im followin too :D
a big kiss!!




KD faustino said...

Thanks, babe and ure certainly most welcome xo

Mela said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! Your blog is so breathtaking and amazing :)
Of course I follow you back...
Mela xx


BerryHaute said...

I will have to give Parasuco jeans a try, they sound too good to be true!

Style Servings said...

You look really great!


Rowan Reiding said...

LOVE your outfit, that bag is to die for! And I love the name of your blog ;)



Rowan Reiding said...

Oh, I love the last look!



KD faustino said...

Making the first day of the year special! Thank you, ladies! X

Krystal Pearl said...

I love your beanie! And btw, you're so pretty! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Followed you my dear!


Vera said...

Happy new year!

Nice look ;D


Jaya said...

love this look! :) I don't really have a hard time with buying jeans though since I simply stopped wearing pants 3 years ago. haha. I'd much rather shop for shorts, skirts and dresses. Pants were a pain to shop for!! And I dread shoe shopping too... the only person i know that does.


Zorannah said...

love that hat doll! you look really cute!

Antee Gurung said...

love ur look!! so chic!! bag is amzing
Btw be sure to catch up with my updates too..

Chunny said...

I find it funny when you mention about the ass banging thing. Haha! But I think you're right. Women look sexy when they wear skinny jeans and also have a perfect butt. =) Happy 2012! =)

Fashion Addict said...

I hate shopping for jeans too and really I only buy jeans in Japan now because they have better fitting ones for me. :) I love your outfit and you look great!

Psycho Cat said...

Great sense of style, I like this combination :)
Kisses :*

KD faustino said...

Glad you liked this post, ladies! Happy New Year too! x

Ivana said...

What an amazing outfit! You look so stylish and classy! Love it! You have an amazing sense of style! I´ve just discovered your lovely blog and I love it! I´m happy to be your new follower :)

xx Ivana

Stop by sometimes :)
Macarons and Pearls

Taj Acosta said...

You look fabulous dear!
And am loving your blog! xx

KD faustino said...

Too much love~

Thank you from the bottom of my heart xo

Eva Paradise said...

great outfit:)

Nita -Karoliina said...

perfect bag!

Kleider said...

Very Nice Picture, really I like this, and hope you’re always happy to share this every single day,thanks a lot for your information.

KD faustino said...

Thanks loves x

kira said...

Great look darling


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