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So proud of myself for braving the cold and the snow just to give my readers a decent outfit post (hello, see my goosebumps?). If only I could do an outfit post with my coat and gloves on the entire winter, I would...but that wouldn't be fair to you guys, would it?

Years and years I've looked for the perfect FAUX leather pants and finally, I found one at Zara! It definitely fits like a glove and I think I've being overusing it for two weeks now. The skull clutch from Niche is absolutely the perfect accessory with the leather pants. Perfect flawless outfit for a rock n' roll concert, don't you think?

H&M belt & dress used as a top. Zara leather pants. Spring booties. Niche skull clutch bag. Aldo shades. Ardene fedora. Anne B. Accessories beaded bracelet. Boopydoodle pearl/bow bracelet. Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle. 
photos by Dee

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 Happy rock n' rollin' Christmas, lovelies!



Jerome C. said...

i'm glad you find the leather pants you're searching!!! zara is a great store to find your wish list ;)

you look so hot on cold days ;D


KD faustino said...

Zara is definitely a go-to store! Thanks, babes x

Aida said...

Jesus, you must be freezing!! But I do love the look!!


Anonymous said...

You're beautiful and you would look good in just about anything, but leather is the skin from an animal who cried and suffered a horrible death. Why not fake leather?

KD faustino said...

Just to clarify, I was wearing FAUX leather pants and didn't wear "leather [is the] skin from an animal who cried and suffered a horrible death." Sorry for the confusion and thanks! :)

MonochromeMagpie said...

You crazy girl! The things we do for a good outfit post! :p
I think I have the same leather pants - amazing aren't they?

Iz x
Monochrome Magpie

Monse Fuentes said...

beautiful pictures!!!


Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

DAMN you look good! Rockstar

KD faustino said...

Things we do for fashion! Thanks loves x

Buky said...

Totally awesome outfit.
I understand what you mean when it comes to cold weather and taking pictures.
Its awful!
District of Fashion

Gopika said...

I soo love the pants and the hat..



Linda-Mari said...

Hi sweetie! Thanks :-) What's GC?? I use Bloglovin!

Chunny said...

Lolove your pictures. Oh! And that outfit looks smashing. Love the snow. =)


Maria said...

You look fabulous !!! I like your blog !! Thank you for following me, I am following you too ! Kisses!!!


Noelle Chantal said...

Love thoese boots!! And great shot by the way! :)

Vanity said...

Thanks for passing by my blog and for the follow!! I also follow you now :)
PS: Your blog is very nice :)

KD faustino said...

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! X

call me debbie said...

Nice style KD!(is that your name?)I really liked the blouse-clutch combination! =)
(Thanx for stoping by my blog, i'm the former besoforeveryoung!)

Zorannah said...

Girl you look grate!

Lauren said...

It's funny - people in the Philippines would kill to wear winter coats and sweaters all the time, and here you are completely without outerwear! You are a brave woman. And I'm envious of the snow.


bybestyle said...

i know your blog today is beautifullll! i will visit you always!

Bch said...

Lovely oufit ;)


KD faustino said...

That's what happens if you live in Canada for a year! HAHA!

Thanks, lovelies! Merry xmas!

Sarah said...

Very brave indeed! Great outfit, love those leather pants. I've been searching for a pair myself. Thanks so much for following my blog - you've got a new follower here. :)


Honorata said...

Like the top!:)


kira said...

Great look! Such affordable and chic pants

Much love from Edmonton

Northern style exposure

KD faustino said...

Thank you, lovelies x

Viktoria said...

Great Outfit :-)
Happy New Year!


April Lyn said...

Everything is good about this outfit, love it all. And so chic while in the midst of snow fall!

April Lyn

the suit for dreams.
t.s.f.d. x the suit for dreams via etsy.

Martina said...

Hi I sent you an email to know some infos about a collaboration, please let me know ASAP