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I go behind the lens again this time to capture the girl behind the lens during my last post
I remember meeting Bronwyn during Alberta Fashion Week last year as I was taking photos of models backstage while they were getting their hair and make-up done. Her first words to me was, 
"Are you The Girl with the Messy Hair?" 
There was my first superstar moment, meeting a "random" reader out in the flesh 
and an amazing stylish model extraordinaire at that. 
How's that for a memorable moment?

visit B's tumblr HERE.

Just want everyone to know that I'm not doing my occasional BEHIND THE LENS post to claim that I am a photographer. I will never ever be at par to the professional ones I have worked with but it's nice to be BEHIND THE LENS and try my luck sometimes :)



Anonymous said...

You are an amazing photog, KD!

KD faustino said...

Ohhhh, why thank you!x

just tututiny said...

You are gorgeous! I love this fur coat on you!


jiglycious said...

great pics

thankyou for your sweet comment

i love your blog and offcourse I'm following you back

keep in touch



KD faustino said...

Thank you, girlies~

dina vanessa mercado said...

you really are a gifted photographer, you got great shots sweetie. hope you could get my picture too... love love love you... kissess!!!

michelle_ said...

that coat looks really cozy !


KD faustino said...

I totally would if ure in Calgary!!! X

Live life glamorous said...

Great jacket! What is the brand?

charity @ c'est la belle vie said...

I love her outfit! The contrast of the form-fitting garments with the over-sized coat is great. I love the first shot the most.
Thanks for the nice comment, I will definitely be following :) xoxo!

Marija Kostic said...

oh so lovely pictures...nice blog ....want to follow each other?....stop by, see if you like my blog :) :*

Lois J. Lim said...

Thats amazing!! You just never know who out there are fans who support what you do! Keep it up. And I love the photo!

KD faustino said...

The faux fur is vintage :)

I am really glad that you lovelies really liked the photos and it is truly amazing to meet fans in the flesh! X

M said...

ohh look at you superstar! love that you were recognized for your work. I must say, canadian to fellow canadian....love the blog! :)


indie.electronic.alternative. said...

haha- that's awesome. i'm gonna die when i have my first blogger recognition moment :)
you have the coolest header i've seen yet!

KD faustino said...

I actually died for a monent there! Lemme know when u someone recognizes u for the 1st time :)

Emily Jones said...

Wow, that photo looks awesome. Your hair really fits on your face and where did you buy that jacket?

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