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Nuage 9 when translated in English means Cloud 9. I bet in Cloud 9, there are two outfits in one post which is exactly what I'm doing in this entry-- one dress styled differently with two lovely clutches from Nuage 9

The business of Nuage 9 started more than a year ago by Hina Haq. Her vision? To promote local Pakistani designers here in Calgary (and all over Canada and US too), give them a platform to showcase their ideas and designs in this part of the world and also the creativity and talent that exists back in Pakistan. She started bringing clutches in Calgary (where she is based) from Pakistani designers such as Zanbeel and Hasna. Zanbeel which simply means basket in Persian concentrates on making exquisitely designed clutches in gorgeous Satin and Swarovski crystals. Hasna, on the other hand, concentrates more on hand woven materials that gives a unique appeal to each clutch made. Definitely these two world-class designers can take anyone to Nuage 9.

Old Navy dress. H&M sweater. Nuage 9 clutch. Spring wedge booties. Ray Ban aviators. Forever 21 LOVE necklace and connector ring.

Nuage 9 is also offering a stunning selection of evening bags which have been very carefully selected from all over the world such as Hongkong, China and the likes.
Take for instance this Alexander McQueen-ish knuckle clutch which is available in other colours such as blue, purple and bronze. Why buy a
$2, 000++ worth of clutch when you can get almost the same one for just $65?
Nuage 9 offers price ranges varying from $30 to high end products ranging between  $400-500 catering to all styles and ages.
Contact Hina Haq to buy this clutch at +1 (403) 4604785 
or send her an e-mail at haq.hina@gmail.com.
Shipping is free anywhere within the US and Canada.

Old Navy dress. Vireo faux fur vest. Spring wedge booties. Nuage 9 clutch. Anne B. Accessories cuff. Forever 21 beanie and ring. Aldo sunnies.
photos by Austin M.

Some people think that clutches are not fashion-forward or funky enough but this animal printed clutch for just $60 proves that connotation is wrong. Not your normal formal wedding clutch, this piece of perfection can be the perfect accessory to pump up your party dresses whether you are going to a club or a company party.
Best thing about Nuage 9? They don't do mass production of their clutches (EXCLUSIVITY IS THEIR SIGNATURE!) so you can be sure that you don't have to deal with a "Who Wore It Better?" situation. You can also design your own clutch too and get it in as fast as 2-3 weeks--can't beat that!

LIKE Nuage 9 on Facebook and be taken away to Cloud 9!!!

beso ♥



kendall said...

love it.
lets swap closets for 48 hours!!

i die.


KD faustino said...

Dyiiiing with just the thought of it!!!

Melai said...

photos look great KD!

Melai of Style and Soul

mestizay said...

Wow a maxi dress with a peter pan collar!coolio!
Adore both oufits but i love the latter more coz it's always my dream to wear a fur vest!:)

KD faustino said...

Thanks melai! Gow mestizay, achievin ang faux fur vest khet mainit sa pinas!