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FINALLY here is the copy of the BLOGGER LOOK BOOK feature from FASHIONSIGN MAGAZINE's September 2011 issue. I told you that you'll get to see more of my whole outfits from my own blog posts than the mag feature itself so if you missed them out, you can check them out HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

I know that my madlib is also barely readable so for my friends and readers back home and some places where you can't grab a copy, I took the liberty of typing the Q&A:
1) I played dressed up when I was a little girlFALSE
2) My most fashion regret that I would never forget: Prolly everything I wore when I was a teen.
3) I love fashion and styling because: It speaks for who I am. I like shopping. It is how I let go of my inner fashion creativity. It is my passion and it makes me happy.
4) My style screams: Relaxed chic, streetstyle, urban boho
5) If I could help others who lacks in the style department when it comes to fashion, I would say: Know what works for your style, body type, age, personality and always dress appropriately for any event.
6) If there were two celebrities to check your blog daily, who would you wish for them to be? Nicole Richie and the Olsen Twins
7) The best advice I ever got for blogging is: YOU ARE YOUR OWN BRAND.

That's where my backlog of Blogger Look Book posts/outfits end...
Hope you loved it~