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The first thought of traveling alone occurred to me at the age of 22. I was trying to find myself after my first heartbreak but my friend ended up tagging along and I never got the chance to do it again. Five years later, I found myself still fearing and dreading the thought of going somewhere by myself-- then I thought, it is now or never. It is the perfect time. I am not recovering from a heartbreak. I am not exactly trying to find myself and most of all, I deserve it.

September 26, as what I've been doing for five years now, I hopped on a bus off to a small town in BC called Vernon. Everyone questioned my decision-- that I should just head to a bigger and more popular tourist destination which is 45 minutes away (from Vernon) called Kelowna but I stood by my decision. 

I found myself all soaked up while walking DT Vernon in pouring rain. I was able to manage to go into a pub called The Shack, had vodka 7, burger, fries, a chitchat with the bartender and a woman visiting from Vegas. I got myself some Shiraz before hailing a cab back to the Richmond B&B where I was staying. I ran the bath, lit up some candles, had two glasses of wine and called it a night.

The next morning, Kathy made another sumptuous breakfast and drove me to the Davison Orchard. For the first time in months, I was able to read a magazine from cover to cover uninterrupted while I sit on a patio, eating lunch overlooking a gorgeous mountain view.

Yvonne, that's the name of the taxi driver I'm gonna have for the rest of my trip. She drove me to Kal Beach (Kalamaka Lake) named as one of the Top 10 Lakes in the World, i suppose. It was everything I hoped it would be-- except for the fact that it was too windy, I couldn't lay around in my bikini. However, there was this one man who was wind surfing the entire time that I was there and the lake didn't look like a lake, it was more like a sea due to the numerous colours that the lake embodies (Kalamaka means lake of many colours). I have said this a million of times, I have never realized how tropical of a person I am until I left my country. That beach made me feel like I was back home-- with sand in between my toes.

I went back to the B&B hoping that the hot tub is working already so I can take a dip and sip some wine before I head to bed. Unfortunately, it is not going to get repaired until Thursday so instead I just sat by the swing near the pond in probably the most unfashionable outfit I have ever worn-- a maxi dress with an oversized cable knit cardigan over a thinner stripped cardi and winter socks. "The biggest mistake that fashion can sometimes represent to the world is that if you're chic, you have to be funeral and sombre, and if you like to have a good time and smile, that means you have no sense of style, and you're a goofball. I believe you can be both. Men love a woman who can laugh (MK)," that's the best thing about this vacation-- I can be myself. 

I walked up the stairs after two glasses of wine and at the lounge met new guests-- an old yet funny couple from England. One of the best things about traveling alone is meeting new people every single day, learning about their lives and their culture-- in that way, you are taken somewhere around the world with zero airfare expense.

In my down time, I discovered the joy of TV. My guilty pleasures included Til Debt Do Us Part, Extreme Couponing, The X-factor and The Real World. Like the good ol' days, I always find myself turning into Food Network while I lay down the tub. I don't know about you but the sound of chopping, mixing and sizzling oil relaxes me more than real music. 

The afternoon sun and clear skies called for a few hours of soaking up and sunbathing. I just had to see what is the buzz with Okanagan Lake and although I did like Kal Beach than Kin Beach, they are in totally different sides of town and so I had no choice. I once again finished another magazine while getting myself a good tan (not as if I needed any). 

The next thing I know, I was sitting on a truck's hood of a local BC boy-- it felt very Miley Cyrus-y in The Last Song. It was, of course, a little less romantic than that but hey, I got a free ride. And even if that boy was too pushy, my love for The X-factor and devotion to "taking things slow" still won. And so, I tuned in to Food Network again, lit the candles and ran the bath.

The thing I look forward to every single day when I wake up is what Kathy made for breakfast. I've been in a couple of B&Bs and although I love bacon and pancakes, Kathy and Dinahm just made everything special each day-- gourmet breakky, if you must (only it is more than what your tummy could fit). 

Kathy and I drove down to the Farmers Market before lunch and while she spent her money on corn, roses and plums, I found myself adoring crafts made by local artists and designers. I guess you can take the fashion girl out of the city but you can never take the fashion out of the girl. In the end, I spent $20 on this tasseled necklace made from recycled shirts by local designer, Shelagh of 2nd chance

Always craving for sushi, I had lunch at a Sushi bar DT and right about this time, I am having an iced skinny vanilla late in a cute little cafe called The Bean Scene. I am taking my time and trying tofinish my last magazine before heading back to the B&B, hoping still that the hot tub is working so I can sip wine while watching my last sunset in Vernon.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am heading back to the city. I never thought I'd say this but I kind of miss it.Kelly Cutrone once said that when you expect to go home at 6pm every night, do not work in fashion. Keeping a day job, running a blog site and styling for a magazine all at the same time is definitely exhausting but frankly, no matter how I escape it, it is part of who I am.

Going away, not bringing my laptop, not facebooking, tweeting, blogging, disconnecting from the world where is my comfort zone is made me realize that I am not lonely. I am exactly where I needed to be-- and that, for some reason, scares the shit out of me. But I guess that's due for another road trip :)

***Some photos were taken here in Calgary during my mini celebration with my adopted family. Other than that, all photos were taken in Vernon by yours truly and my good ol' reliable, tripod :)

Just want to thank from the bottom of my heart, my guest bloggers who have made my life easier for the past 10 days:  Binzento Vincente, Denise Katipunera, Monochroma.Chic and Shino's Journal. You have definitely exceeded my expectations showing everyone that ASIANS DEFINITELY DO IT BETTER!

Regular outfit posts will return soon x

beso ♥


-dOnAh- said...

Sounds like a lovely break. Haven't tried travelling alone and I admire you of your courage for doing it.

KD faustino said...

It was definitely a challenge that I gave myself! Not easy but I think everyone needs to travel alone once in their lifetime :)

janababe said...

Love this post. So proud of you :) and twin... the abs!!! i hate you. i'll get there one day. hehehe! glad you had a wonderful birthday trip!

Binzento Vincente (aka Vincent Law) said...

mmm...I always love food picssss…now i am hungry! :X

Ease and Glam said...

vakluuuush! belated happy happy birthday! so happy that you had a blast. ahem! paaakaaak na paaakaak ang mga fectures! i miss you!!! let's skype soon! when you're not busy na.

btw, it's jayvee's bday today. :-)

love you! alamoyan!
aids (oo ako to, bago ko tong raket. game promote mo na! hahahaha!)

KD faustino said...

HAHAHA!!!! So much love from my friends who ALMOST never leaves a comment on my blog! Bday ko lang pala makakapagpa "leave your comment" sa inyo ah! LOL :) love you guysssssss <3

Unknown said...

You really opened up here little bit :) Love it! Great post :)

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

i love it. i've always wanted to do this, but i just haven't found the opportunity. maybe when i quit my job. i will FOR SURE take a longer break than usual before working again. haha. :) im jealous. next time, come to vancouver :)

ps i love your canada towel hehe


NILOY said...

belated happy birthday for the both of us!i hope you had a good one...never got that chance to talk to you...i miss our high school bonding together...take care always...

KD faustino said...

Thank you! Never poured out my heart like this but glad you guys loved it! x