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I've prolly heard a gazillion times that my hair is not messy therefore my blog shouldn't be called THE GIRL WITH THE MESSY HAIR. Not surprising?? People who say this are not from Asia. From where I come from, my hair is considered messy because I am from the Philippines and Asian hair is normally perfectly straight. So there is no point in changing my blog's name even if ever since I moved to Canada, my hair was considered perfect. For those who think my hair is perfect and have been asking me what the secret is, the secret is simple: my hair is virgin (never dyed, rebonded, relaxed or whatever hair treatment you can think of) thus my hair is obedient and naturally wavy. I comb my hair ONLY once a day after I shower, put it in a bun and when I let it down, it is perfectly wavy JUST. LIKE. THAT.

For those who are not as lucky as I am in terms of the perfect messy hair,  
GHD has some tricks of the trade for you:
  • Step 1 For best results, blowdry the hair first, applying ghd Heat Protect Spray to give your hair ultimate protection from the heat of your hairdryer. Use a ghd Natural Bristle Radial brush to lift the hair away from the face whilst styling.
  • Step 2 Lightly mist your hair with ghd Curl Hold Spray . Separate your hair into 2 sections. In each section, place the ghd Gold Max styler in at the roots, rotate it 180° and glide the styler through the hair until reaching the end. Catch each section as it falls, and loosely twist it around your finger to define the curl.
  • Step 3 Place your hair into a middle parting and place your hairband on your forehead, around the top section of your hair.
  • Step 4 Once cool remove the clips and shake through spritzing with ghd Final Fix Spray to hold the style in place.

*** For added volume on fine hair add in some clip in 100% real hair which you can pre curl with your ghd styler prior to securing in to your hair.


Hope it works out for you, lovelies!