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The last of the first set of photos Austin took of me--definitely my fave of the bunch. Cannot believe he literally dragged me on top of the mountain just to get these wonderful shots. There's always something about the wind, the fields and the clouds that I extremely love--doesn't matter if I got pricked by the weeds a gazillion times. I think it is much better if there are giraffes, elephants or zebras around me to complete the safari look. I swear if I am going to South Africa, this is what I'll prolly wear sans the wedges instead I'll be wearing DM's. The safari look is once again brought to you by the amazing sample sale site citizensplanet.com and the pop of colour is nonetheless from the unbelievable talent behind Anne B. Accessories.

Covet top from citizensplanet.com. Kasil + Taylor Jacobson shorts from citizensplanet.com. Sirens wedges. Ardene neon green socks and straw hat. Anne B. Accessories necklace. Chapel floppy hat. Ray Ban aviators. H&M braided belt.
Photos by Austin M. 

Starting the first day of September with an enormous amount of workload but I'm not complaining. September is my fave month, my bday month! I am taking a 10-day leave off of work and blogging but I will leave you with amazing surprise guest bloggers from all over the world who will make you inspired. 

I can almost taste the long weekend! Advance Happy Labour Day, Canada~



in Aie's shoes said...

beautiful photos! I love the new header Dang! =)

KD faustino said...

thanks, Aie my loves <3

fashioneggpplant said...

the trek is so worth it! love these shots!

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mestizay said...

oh KD these are so pretty!
What i love the most are the green socks! GENIUS!

. said...

Amazing blog !!


michelle_ said...

i love that hat and the place where u shot this is amazing !!

t said...

Nice look!


Aurélie-m0851 said...

Love this outfit !

Aaron said...

great photos...even if you had to hike up a mountain..but that's the only price to pay for such beautiful art then its well worth it!