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GUEST BLOGGER: Binzento Vincente (aka Vincent Law) for The Girl With The Messy Hair

Dear readers of "The Girl With The Messy Hair", like all of you, I am a huge fan of KD and her lovely blog here. It is an honour to be one of her five guest bloggers in the next few days! (MY GOODNESS!! The pressure is on!! Good thing I am the FIRST to go). :) 

Sorry I haven't introduce myself. For those who doesn't know me, I am the guy behind the Fashion/Lifestyle blog: Binzento Vincente 

I've met "The Girl With The Messy Hair" about half a year ago during the Alberta Fashion Week. We immediately "clicked" once we'd officially introduced and talked. My blog covers mainly fashion events, boutiques, independent designers, current trends and lifestyles. I gotta tell you, I was a bit nervous when I was told to do a "personal style" post. :) 

Pictures can say a thousand words, the photos I have for you today is a collective of Binzento Vincente's interests: Avant garde styles, Dark shades, Naruto (an anime), Quentin Tarantino, Japanese culture, and last but not least, TRUE BLOOD. I was originally from Hong Kong and is 1/8 Russian (from my mother's side of the family). Currently, I also host a fashion/lifestyle segment on Fairchild Television (A Canadian National Chinese Television Network). The vision of Binzento Vincente is to promote local designers and help them gain international exposure. In addition, collaborating with global partners to trade fashion ideas and cultures.

I've only really started this "blogging business" since June of 2011. "The Girl With The Messy Hair" have been a great inspiration. KD also taught me a lot about the "knowledge of blogging". I swear she can open a "blogging school" or host a "BLOGGER 101" class someday!

My inspiration for this Fall/Winter season is capes (or ponchos). Definitely hoping to bring back some of the 50's trend, while reinventing this style with current pop culture influence. 

Outfit on me in this photoshoot: Hoodie Cape: Jiniy (Korean designer); Dress Pants: Sisley Italy; Dress Shoes: Christian Louboutin; Flower Eye Patch/Brooch: Handmade by Binzento Vincente; Ninja Sword Umbrella: Kikkerland (@ Chicago Museum of Art)

I like to specially thanks "The Girl With The Messy Hair" for this awesome invitation and opportunity to guest blog on her blog, and Binzento Vincente correspondent and photographer KO (Katrina Olson) for her time and effort.

There you have it :) I hope you guys like this blog entry!! Can't wait to see what other guest bloggers will be putting up. 

beso ♥


Anonymous said...

You definitely stepped up the game and I'm sure all the other guest bloggers are pressured! The Girl with the Messy Hair is such an awesome blog and she sure does have fashionable blogger friends! - ER

Binzento Vincente (aka Vincent Law) said...

Thank you for the kind words :)
Now I hope KD likes it too! :)

Binzento Vincente

The Diva Lounge said...

Absolutely LOVE the creative element in these pics. Vincent, you never cease to amaze me with your incredible style xx

Anonymous said...

Wow !! Can you bring some of this high fashion into the states? We are in dire need...

Anonymous said...

Wonder what shoes they were with the red underneath! It's definitely a test to how often u can wear them without worn out! What are they? Gucci? LV? Or ....?

Binzento Vincente (aka Vincent Law) said...

The signature red sole shoes are by Christian Louboutin. :)

chuck said...

wow~~ awesome!!! i wanna try messy hair!

mommy chexy said...

wow! i love your hoodie cape... i can see myself wear it with a dress, very dark leggings and flats... now if only i wouldnt look so ridiculous since i'm living in the phils. :( good job! :) im sure looking forward to the other bloggers!

KD faustino said...

Dear Vincent,

I know I said I won't go online during my vacation but I couldn't help it!!! For the record,I just wanted to check out how my guest blogging is doing and not go on fb and twitter and boom, you gave me goosebumps!!! I knew in my heart it was right to choose you! Ive always loved your style and I wish ure a personal style blogger than a lifestyle blogger sometimes ;) Katrina did such an awesome job with the photos!!! Goosebumps all over as i was reading this in my cute li'l b&b bed ;) and also, thank you for ure sweet words abt our friendship and my blog! Love love love you and ur new haircut! See you when I get back! Putting my phone back to airplane mode now.

Much love, KD~

Binzento Vincente (aka Vincent Law) said...

That's too sweet KD :)
It's my pleasure to write on ur blog :)
Hopefully I get this chance again in the near future!


Binzento Vincente

karolinas-style.ca said...

Fierce pics! Great job Vincent :)

Binzento Vincente (aka Vincent Law) said...

Thxx Karolina


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