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One of the most anticipated runway shows in Calgary, FABRICATED got all fashionistas come out on a hot weekday to watch retailers and designers alike for their S/S 2012 collections.
For those who wasn't able to come, here's a recap of the show:

MEALAN opened the show with her signature colorful girly style. A collection of international clothing brands and designers, Mealan is the perfect store to go to when you need last-minute dress to impress outfits.

GAZABA MILANO is prolly my favorite out of all that showed their collection and that is a big thing to say especially since Gazaba only caters to men. A true Italian boutique, Gazaba is something that you wish your boyfriend would rock down from the streets to more dressed up events.

When looking for something to wear everyday, EMPIRE COLLECTION is prolly your best bet. The boutique promises a premiere shopping experience as they cater to Calgary's fashionistas with their luxury brands. 

If you can remember, I have already made a post wearing one of CHANEL TRAUB's collection. The talented young designer showed her Spring/Summer Collection that is very fresh, girly and full of life. All her pieces were carefully hand printed making it more unique and refreshing. 

CHICHI COUTURE brought "chic and unique" to the table with Holly Allen accessories that made all the outfits she sent out down the runway look chic-er and more unique.

NRT Fashions never disappoints. The young talented designer Nicole Rita Tomney once again wowed the audience with her eccentric and edgy pieces. Adorned by masks, it was the perfect way to accessorizing such fierce collection.

Some photos from the event
***All runway photos are owned by THE GIRL WITH THE MESSY HAIR. Please link back to this site if you are using any. Thanks~
more photos HERE

What did I wear? Watch out for the next post! 
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Binzento Vincente (aka Vincent Law) said...

nice post KD xx

Binzento Vincente

KD faustino said...

thanks, V! x

karolinas-style.ca said...

Great photos dear :)
You looked amazing!

Ainslee said...

Hi, this is my first time on your blog and the first post I read :) I'm currently living in the Philippines and have plans of moving to Canada as well since my mom is there.

Pareho tayo with the hair thing. I was actually even going to put up a blog called "The Girl With The Big Hair" but decided against it. I have wild, curly hair. Virgin din, but man, it can be stressful. I'm starting to believe my hair has a life of its own, lol. Anyway, I look forward to reading more posts on your blog :)

Ainslee said...

I think I commented on the wrong post? It was supposed to be for the "The Secret Behind The Messy Hair" post, but I think I clicked on the wrong button (I have no idea how).

It's alright if you don't publish the first comment and this one though :) Sorry.

KD faustino said...

Ainslee, you are so cute! LOL! I actually disabled comments for that post so you posting here is ok :) Will visit your blog soon! x