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Some people say that Calgary doesn't have a culture and the sad part about this is that the people who say this are mostly the people who lived here all their lives. I have been in Calgary for exactly 1 year 17 days now and sure, there is still a lot for me to learn in terms of being a Calgarian but Calgary does have a culture. 

Chantel Traub, an amazing young talented designer from Calgary knows so much about this. Her Spring/Summer 2012 collection is all about appreciation and commemoration of Calgary. "I try to picture myself as a traveler in Calgary, and find interesting architectural areas and experiences to draw from for inspiration. We live in a city that does have its own culture is alive with a motivating society," the 23-year old ACAD graduate passionately said about her inspiration. Definitely, Calgary's culture is not lost in the young and can even be fashionable with the times! This YYC City Jumble dress was amazing hand printed (from drawing stencils for printing to hand silk screen print the fabric then sewing the garment)--every single detail of it. Look closely, can you see the Calgary Tower Downtown???

Chantel Traub YYC City Jumble Dress. GAP chambray. Value Village combat boots. Ardene fedora. F21 connector ring. 
Photos by Austin M.

If you are interested in purchasing this dress or any other designs by Chantel Traub



mestizay said...

KD! i love the braided hair and those kick ass boots!:)

karolinas-style.ca said...

Great dress! Camera loves you ;)

michelle_ said...

i love your boots very much !!


KD faustino said...

Why, thank you, lovelies!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

woahh,, i like your style

. said...

Lovely blog !!