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I used to be a planner. I know what I'm going to do a week or two before any upcoming week but Canada taught me that there is actually joy in the unplanned. Instead of relaxing on my own last Friday, I found myself indulging over Mcdonald's Big Mac Meal, being Summer at Ikea, trying to heal my sore throat with Booster Juice's freshly squeezed orange juice and having a midnight snack at Phoenix with Gosling. Instead of checking out Tayler's new place last Saturday, I found myself buying two of Adele's CDs, celebrating my upcoming one year in Canada by purchasing a Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle, going to Dee's sister's anniversary party, stuffing myself with Filipino food, sparkly, wine and forgetting that I have sore throat and belting it out at the karaoke. Instead of resting on Sunday, I found myself having coffee with Ashley and Karolina while discussing a future project and having popcorn for dinner while watching Crazy Stupid Love. 

H&M dress. Joe belt. Claire's cage flats. Ardene fedora and ring. Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle. Other accessories from Aldo and Garage. Je t'aime necklace given by a friend.
photos by Ashley of lionslacelattes

Another unplanned was the outfit. I found myself sleeping over at Dee's house unarmed with clothes for the next day. I raided her closet, found this beach cover up and the next thing I knew, it was mine! Thanks, Dee :)

Hope you enjoyed your planned or unplanned weekend x



Kath said...

Very nice :) I like the unplanned outfit :)

Kath said...

very nice! I like the unplanned outfit :)

mestizay said...

Uber love that dress!
I have a similar one but a top!:)

KD faustino said...

The joy in the unplanned! Glad you loved it, lovelies x

fashionbliss said...

love your dress!

Natalia said...

I love all the bracelets and the arm party that is happening here! I especially love the black rope-y looking one. x

KD faustino said...

Arm party is love! Thank you sweets x

Practical Fashionista said...

Cute outfit! Hilarious post about your weekend - love it!


Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like the pattern of the dress