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I've always been asked what my fail-safe outfit is and here is my answer, lovelies--a cute top, trousers, funky shoes, a hat and sunnies. I normally go straight to meetings after my day job, I usually have just 10 minutes to get ready and I'm out the door. This outfit never fails me. It's effortless, chic and a no-brainer. This 2two trouser from Paris is probably one of the trickiest trouser to wear because of the way it overlaps as you close it thus giving you a bit of a bulky front if you are not conscious. However, I wore this twice already ever since I got them and I've gotten compliments EVERY single time. If you think you've mastered the art of sucking in, the trousers are on sale from 20/08/2011 9 AM - 29/08/2011 9 AM at citizensplanet.com from $90 to just $39 and it also comes in khaki. My cutesy Covet top is also as cheap as $38 from $76 at citizensplanet.com (sale starts19/08/2011 9 AM - ends 24/08/2011 9 AM).

Covet top available on citizensplanet.com. 2two trousers available at citizensplanet.com. Aldo shoes. George floppy hat. Ray Ban aviators. Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle. Aldo bracelets. F21 connector ring.
Photos by Austin M.

Last weekend was spent in Golden, BC for a styling stint with an international team. You'd think I'd be pressured but it actually didn't feel like work at all plus I was able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and the technology that sucks me in each time. Will share more about this on the next few posts! Hope you guys had a good weekend~



Anonymous said...

Man, if that is your fail-safe outfit, what more your fashionable ones?? LOVES IT!!!!!!!!

KD faustino said...

Awwww, best compliment ever. THANK YOU x

postcard printing said...

I like all the movements in these photos, so pretty, and those colors look amazing to you.You are a very talented photographer and I seriously must try this one day.

KD faustino said...

I'm not the photog but my new photog Austin is seriously good! And thank you so much ~

Anne said...

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