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D.W. 31.07

Last Sunday was the perfect summer day to wear some easy breezy palazzo pants. It was almost 30 degrees which doesn't happen everyday in Calgary and also D.W 's 31.07 runway show--which also doesn't happen everyday in Calgary--so I had two wonderful reasons to wear my Joe palazzo pants for the first time. I also wore this snakeskin corset tank top that I got from Aritzia last week when I had a meltdown as my phone was getting fixed (and away from me for like 3 days). Yes, the solution I thought of out of my separation anxiety from my phone was to spend an awful amount of money at Aritzia, buying almost every corset tank top from snakeskin (as seen here), plain black, two-toned color blocking and J. Brand wide-legged denim jeans.

Silk cardigan from SWAP. Aritzia corset snakeskin tank top. Joe palazzo pants. Aldo rosary necklace and shoes. 
photos by Rupi of thedivalounge.com

You all might remember D.W from Alberta Fashion Week. The 21-year old self-taught designer extraordinaire hit the runway this time with his very own show entitled 31.07 which was not only the day of the event but is also spelled LOVE backwards and upside down. Clever, huh? Well, I wasn't surprised and you shouldn't be...that is Daryl White for you. Creative and full of promise, he showcased a more wearable line this time sending down graphic designed tank tops and shirts down the runway. Bold and uninhibited, the shirts' statements go from something mellow as "I don't do, I just am" to something clever such as "This is my 15" to something bolder such as "I don't mind living in a man's world, as long as I can be a fag in it."

The shirts/tank tops aren't just your normal stuff too for it is, as in D.W's fashion, recycled with a lot of chains, pins, studs and zippers. Watch this video to see the full coverage of the show:

The night ended with a silent auction of the shirts to help raise funds for Kids Help Phone. If you are interested in helping this charity,  contact 1-800-668-6868 or visit kidshelpphone.ca.

more photos HERE.
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For customized designs, contact D.W at darylwhite@me.com.



mestizay said...

i love your outfit babe!Neutral with black never looked so good!:)

Roxanne said...

you look really gorgeous on the first photo ;)


KD faustino said...

Why, thank you, lovelies! x

JoewardM said...

wow antaray mo KD! hehehe. and i love the new look of your blog. :]

KD faustino said...

NAMAN, Joeward! Thanks teh x

chex said...

kd! i want the fucking fabulous shirt! so taray, although i dont recall anyone hating me in high school! :) isama mo na din yung black palazzo pants mo sa pa-lbc! :)