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Last Saturday, I came rushing to go the press con of Adrian Grenier's new documentary Teenage Paparazzo. I didn't know until 2pm that I was supposed to do this Q+A and the press con was at 3pm. I exactly had an hour (or less) to get dressed, travel all the way from SW to Downtown and Google all I need to know about the documentary. Fortunately, I wasn't late. Thank you to my $35 cab ride, PHEW!

I didn't get to watch the screening which is why I would skip on the whole movie review which is a tad bit boring for a fashion/personal style blog, don't you think? I will leave that to the lifestyle blogs such as this one written by my friend/artist extraordinaire Katrina Olson-Mottahed and my beloved Fashionsign Magazine (who made it all possible for me to be able to have this amazing opportunity). So I will just go straight to the press con. I thought that Adrian Grenier answered the questions thrown at him in a such a vague manner. Sure, he did say a lot but there's no point. As Mr. Fabulous would put it, it was all "very obscure." He said he wants the paps to realize that they are influential because they have the tools and they have to take personal responsibility even if they are just doing job which don't get me wrong, I totally get it. But it's kind of overused already, you know what I mean? You are a celebrity and you kind of brought it to yourself to be the target of paparazzi especially if you live in Hollywood. As my friend Fela said "If you don't want attention, why not live in France like Johnny Depp and just go to L.A. when you have a movie or an event to go to?" Seriously, if you think paps should have personal responsibility for their actions, shouldn't you as a celebrity as well? 

I am just speaking for myself but I do love paparazzi photos only because it makes me feel that this celebrity that I look up to is actually a normal person who goes grocery shopping or goes to the gym without make-up on. I think basically that is the role of the paps--to show a side of these celebs that we don't normally see on TV or films. Sure, sometimes they can go TOO far but as I've asked Adrian Grenier, "How far is TOO far?" which unfortunately, wasn't answered by him clearly. 


and of course the fan photo :)

Armani blazer. H&M top. Sirens trousers. Aldo shoes and sunnies. Joe studded belt. Forever 21 ring.
photos by Vincent Law

However, it was definitely a great opportunity to be able to go to a Hollywood film press con and interview a major celebrity. It definitely doesn't happen everyday in Calgary so kudos to the Teenage Paparazzo team!!! 

Blogger/Fairchild TV host/friend Vincent Law and I headed to Joey's after the press con for some early cocktails, dinner and talkies (and a little stopover at the park for outfit photos!). I decided not to go to the Teenage Paparazzo Red Carpet Gala but I did go to the closing beach party at West's rooftop patio with my girlies which was awesome and so chillax. Perfect way to end a very hectic week :)

I'm off to a meeting later with the Fashion Night Out Canada staff and will keep all of you posted. For now, don't forget to enter my blog giveaway. I AM GIVING AWAY FREE JEWELRY!!!



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janababe said...


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