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The SOPHIA MODELS INTERNATIONAL Fashion Show at Stampede is prolly one of the most professional runways I've seen so far in Calgary. Funny how a fashion show at Stampede which was more of entertainment than high fashion would have an impeccable runway like that. Clad in sporty Bench clothes followed by chic spring/summer everyday looks from Scotch & Soda with shoes from Town Shoes, stylist extraordinaire Jennifer Lyle did an awesome job as per usual. Nonchalant with messy hair, the models from Sophia did an impressive job in hyping up the crowd and giving just pure entertainment to Stampede goers who prolly haven't even watched a real runway show ever in their lives. One thing is for sure though, these first timers would have high standards for the next runway show they're gonna witness.

Come Tuesday, I filled in for the 5:30 and 7:00 PM shows respectively for stylist/friend Jennifer Lyle to send the models down the runway. It was totally a different experience for me as I've never done runway styling--definitely more chaotic than my usual photo shoot scene. I was definitely not on my A game. I arrived 5 minutes before the 5:30 show started, panting from running and clueless on what to do. Little did I know, after 10 minutes or so, the runway show was over! Funny how backstage is so different from what is happening upfront--models composed as they strut but are panicking while changing for the next outfit. The last show definitely went more smoothly and I was more relaxed. Models such as Ania B. and Nastassia Mendoza are just the epitome of real-life models--very relaxed and effortless whether on the runway or backstage which definitely made my job a lot easier. I still have a looooooong way to go in terms of styling especially runway shows but I'm getting there ;)

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Shows are ongoing everyday at the Stampede Grounds, BMO Centre Hall A at these times 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30 pm daily, every second day there is a show at 7:00 pm.

SOPHIA MODELS INTERNATIONAL is also doing an open model casting call at the same venue for aspiring models. 

Do not miss this event, Calgarians! 
Happy Stampeding x

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