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1. How do you make yourself stand out with the other competitor bloggers? What do you learn from it?

I think the key is NOT trying to make yourself stand out. I truly believe that when you just do your own thing, keep it real and stay true to your style, people would pick it up and just love you for YOU. Never ever pretend or copy someone else because seriously, how far can you go on pretending?

2. Do you fall asleep and wake up the next morning thinking about what you're planning to blog about next?

            Sometimes yes and sometimes no—because I take photos beforehand, I sometimes think what’s good to post for the day. In terms of event posts, I have to definitely post them the day or two after the event or else it depicts the purpose of covering the event.  

3. If there was ever a chance for a blogger's only magazine out there, what title would you like to see?

            Calgary Fashion did a “Blogger by Night” event recently and I think it could be the perfect title for a blogger magazine. Most bloggers usually have day time jobs and are actually literally “bloggers by night.”

4. What are your advices to any young bloggers and fashionistas in the fashion industries around the world, especially Calgary?

            I always say that as a blogger, you are your own brand. Even if blogging gives you the freedom of expression, still think about the consequences of the actions or words that you’ve made or said because anyone can access your blog and take each word you’ve said out of context. Be cautious and aware.

For first time bloggers, do not lose hope when someone doesn’t leave a comment, follow you or feature you in a magazine. For some, it is instant fame but for others, it isn’t. Being a successful blogger isn’t measured by how fast you’ve become recognized. The truth is you shouldn’t aim for recognition. Sure, it is nice to be appreciated and applauded for your work but do not make it a goal or else you would lose your passion and just take blogging as a job.

5. What are your best methods to keep your fans closer and enemies even further?

            I do not think that ignorance is bliss when it comes to haters. I believe that haters are gonna hate and it is up to you whether you want to take it negatively or positively. Sometimes these haters can be one’s reality check. But I like being nice and I think it is always better to make constructive criticisms than just bash other people without proper knowledge about them. This is where the fans come in, I suppose. Fans keep me grounded. When one single person hates you, remember the numerous people who actually love you—whether they actually know you or not (just like the haters).


Just a quick post for you guys today...SO BUSY!!!! Will resume to my regular outfit posts soon! 
I'm also filling in for the amazing stylist extraordinare Jennie Lyle today at the Sophia Models International fashion show at Stampede. Prolly won't even live up to her but come, come, come y'all at BMO Centre Hall A show starts at 5:30pm and another one at 7:30pm! See you~