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What a way to celebrate the first day of Summer and one of my BFFs  bday but to watch Rihanna live in concert! It was definitely one of the hottest days in months yesterday, I thought I was going to faint. I seriously don't understand how I was able to live my life in +36 Philippine weather every single day of my life for the past 25 years. But I guess the fact that I've experienced -40 during winter, made my skin thicker ;)

 I've imagined spending my summer solstice in a patio somewhere, drinking and dinning with friends but the Smirnoff Ice + pizza made up for it (we had the worst seats, sucky internet ticketing)! After a few hours of front acts, Rihanna was out and it was wild and wicked as ever! I could not imagine how a boy could leave (or even abuse) someone as sexy and hot as that girl! I swear, all those skimpy outfits made me want to push myself to the gym harder which is why I am off to the gym to do some Pilates class after this post. No kidding.

 Latitude cropped top. Sirens trousers. Aldo shoes. Anne B. Accessories cuff. Forever 21 rings. Ardene fedora. H&M sling bag. Ray Ban aviators.

Okay, I wasn't kidding but now I am totally late for Pilates cos I was finishing up this entry. 
How responsible of a blogger I am, eh? :)

This summer I might bore you with cropped tops, easy trousers and hats. 
Bear with me? 



Garrett Naccarato said...

um...are those trousers still at Sirens?! I want

KD faustino said...

PM sent! :)

mestizay said...

very cute crop top!:)

michelle_ said...

they look soooo gorgeous and chic !


KD faustino said...

thanks, girlies!

sharonlei said...

Rihanna is awesome.. and so are you! Love the look. It's simple, but chic. :)

Happy Friday-ing, hun!

xx Love & Aloha