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Tired and sleepy from Friday sushi dinner with Tayler, drinks at The Keg and wine + talkies with my boss til 2:30 am, I donned on the easiest and comfiest outfit I could ever think of (a jumpsuit I got from local retailer Buddha by Night during the Blogger by Night event hosted by Calgary Fashion last month) and went to the PARK Designer Sample Sale at Gerry Thomas Gallery. I've always been a staunchest supporter of local fashion designers and I always want to see for myself what they have to offer to the industry. I've seen Jalu's talent and potential back during Fabricated and I've always been a supporter of her effortless and organic line. Paul Hardy was very sophisticated in his designs--a lot of metallics too. Lara Presber's were very office-like with appropriate silhouette that you can wear to the work place and the likes. Caitlin Power definitely caught my eye with her polished and tailored designs. A lot of black and leather which is very New York and definitely according to her, the location she aims to conquer in the future. I almost bought this amazing high-waisted wide-legged pants with leather waistband that was originally $290 but was on sale for $140 during the sale but alas, I had problems with the pleated front. In the end, I found myself purchasing Anne B. Accessories. I got myself a new cuff and a chunky necklace. I think everyone that I know who came actually left with a new accessory from Anne B. So proud of how far my ate Anne have come!

Buddha by Night jumpsuit. Silk cardigan and turban from SWAP. Aldo shoes and ring.

The gloomy Saturday also made me think of what to wear over this jumpsuit and found myself wearing this amazing silk cardigan I got from the SWAP event (also the turban!) last weekend. Then I realized, I haven't worn these ALDO shoes I got about a month ago and I didn't care if it was about to rain or the fact that my brain and my body cannot even function due to tiredness, I had to wear it. Korean late lunch with the girls Ashley, Miranda and Corinne definitely made me feel a little better then off I napped at home then to dinner and drinks again at Original Joe's on a chilly Saturday night. 

What were you up to this weekend?



Roxanne said...

i love your jumpsuit and your turban miss KD, I been trying to find a perfect turban like yours ;)


KD faustino said...

thanks, lovely! it's just an old scarf that i-DIY-ed :)