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source: MTV.com

It is always a tad surprising to get e-mails or tweets about your blog or look getting featured but it's double the surprise when it is a big name like MTV!!! I think I almost peed on my pants. Thank you for choosing my look as TOP BLOGGER LOOKS OF THE WEEK, MTV! ;) 
Who knew that my $7 floppy hat from Walmart would get all the hype?

Here's what they have to say about my look and my blog:

Hailing from Canada, KD Faustino's blog The Girl With The Messy Hair is QUITE the misnomer. (Her hair is always perfect. Sorry. It's the truth.) Her effortless style makes us wish we could rock straw floppy hats as well as she does! We love how elegant she looks pairing her '70s chateau with a gray off-the-shoulder H&M shirt, thrifted leopard maxi skirt (GREAT FIND!), and beige suede Chinese Laundry wedge boots. But we do have one thing to say to Ms. Faustino: Cheer up, girl! You look FABULOUS.

Loved how they described my style as EFFORTLESS because that's what I aim (or not) for and my blog's name being a MISNOMER (a term which suggests an interpretation that is known to be untrue; such incorrect terms sometimes derive their names because of the form, action, or origin of the subject becoming named popularly or widely referenced—long before their true natures were known; transference of a well-known product brand name into a genericized trademark)...I'd take that as a compliment ;)

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Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Congrats again KD! Loved that outfit, and still so impressed that you thrifted that maxi skirt!

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

oh snapp :P :P


Joeward said...

wow! leveling! :]]

KD faustino said...

Thank you, loves!x

camerafilmroll said...

Ooooooh congrats babe!!! (:

Cucu said...

Congrats!!! ;)


Fela said...

Congrats! What an honour :)

KD faustino said...

thanks my loves~

Sharnie Hung said...

Congratulations!! :D Love the look!

Kookie B. said...

Congrats, KD!!!! SO nice your outfit!!! Bakit hindi ko nakita yan?? Hehe!

Anonymous said...

I am happy that MTV chooses relatively unknown bloggers for some of their features. It's important to spread the names of new comers, so that the giant blogging community can grow. I bet you were thrilled to be featured. My cousin had a blog for two weeks, and she was one of the mtv style features, and she was so happy. She doesn't blog anymore, but I mean, a blog of two weeks getting featured, that says a lot about how generous Mtv is. Most mainstream fashion outlets feature the highest ranks so thank god for mtv picking the newbies :) good luck with your blog! hopefully it'll pick up soon. Cool hat btw.
Have a good one.