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+19 weather yesterday called from some shorts. I didn't care if my legs are all bruised up, it's the first time in months that I was actually brave enough to don in shorts and the weather is totally cooperating--no wind, just pure warm lovely sun. Indeed the perfect weather to walk around Shawnessy, drink venti no whip Green Tea Frapuccino, shop at Aldo, devour in burger and fries at Hudson's, watch the LFS of Something Borrowed and end the night at Dee's patio, sipping margarita and talking about a boy who's giving me premature ventricular contractions.


I apologize for the lack of posts and for posting too much event-related entries. I know you'd rather see real-life everyday outfit posts and not some exclusive event where people are dressed up. However, life's been like that lately and I really have no time to stop and take outfit photos in the backyard like I used to :( I hope this entry would break a bit of the monotony that my blog is experiencing right now and hopefully be able to make another one before the weekend. Speaking of weekend, last weekend was one of the best ones I've had in Calgary and here's to hoping that this weekend would be soooo much better! X'd fingers, always~

 beso ♥
tank top: Zara
denim top: GAP
shorts: thrifted from the Philippines
boots and satchel: H&M
ring: F21
hat and watch: Ardene
bracelets and sunnies: Aldo
photos by Dee


Toni | Perfumed Red Shoes said...

effortlessly chic! love that shirt of yours, KD!

Perfumed Red Shoes

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

what the fruit, u have shorts-weather already?! it's still raining here in raincouver LOL! and it's still pretty cold =(


Kristy said...

sunnies twins! :D I have them in tortoise and i love 'em so much!!! and what's in the shoebox? do share :)


KD faustino said...

YAY!! your comments are back! Thank you, girls!