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The sun finally showed up again last Friday, the second day of Fashion Week which led me back to wearing my Spring clothes. I haven't exactly worn this leopard skirt for going out--I did wear it for a photo shoot and for me that doesn't count. So here I am wearing the leopard skirt again with a cropped off-shoulder top and my new floppy hat.

Ashley of lionslacelattes took these amazing photos again on our way to find a quick food fix before the show starts. The Smashbox and Bourgois-Paris make-up team did our make-up for the first time the whole Fashion Week and it is too bad that you couldn't see my green lined eyes because it was awesome! It matched my nails :)

H&M cropped off-shoulder top and satchel bag. Value Village leopard skirt. Chinese Laundry booties. George floppy hat. 

The second day of AFW kicked off with Anne B. Accessories. If you were reading my past AFW posts, you'll know how stoked I am for this show because Anne B. is a Filipina designer who uses materials from my homeland, the Philippines. I am so proud of how the show turned out and I just know as a Filipina that her pieces definitely represent what the Philippines is all about. Of course I have seen materials like south sea pearls, capiz, wood and the likes used in accessories back home but the big difference is definitely the design and the construction of the accessory. Anne B. made it look very intricate and luxurious. I am actually surprised with how affordable her designs are. Definitely a good buy!

 The second designer was NRT Fashions (Nicole Rita Tomney) which is absolutely one of my favorites the entire AFW. If you are avid reader of my blog, you'll know that I am not a fan of colors and anything too girly which is totally NRT. I have seen NRT rocked the runway before during PARKSHOW but this collection is different and wearable. I can see anyone who has an undeniable love for black and white, zippers, skulls and anything funky rocking NRT pieces. The styling from the make-up to the hair is undeniably perfect too. NRT is definitely the one to watch and she just graduated fashion school! 

 more photos HERE.
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I was looking forward to seeing Lilly Maks O’Brien’s Couture down the runway but alas, she had to cancel the last minute to attend to some family matters. I was supposed to do a special interview with her too and we were communicating already but I guess there's always a next time.
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BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

why so gorge?! Hahaha :) awesome photos dear.


KD faustino said...

AWWW! thanks dear :)

uhooi said...

nice look...
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KD faustino said...

thanks hun!

Natalia, Feralstyle said...

You looked great everyday at AFW but I must say you are just STUNNING in a floppy hat! I so enjoyed all your coverage; great photos, commentary and outfits. Thanks for filling me in. xx

PS The candid photo of the model smoking in this post is amazing.

ZEUS said...

I agreee with Natalia, on all of the above, great post!

KD faustino said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH, natalia and zeus!!!

CLPig said...

love the look!

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