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I was exhausted and was feeling dizzy the afternoon of Wednesday but that didn't stop me from going to Alberta Fashion Week's sneak-a-peek event. All I had to do was stuff myself with some sugar and carb and viola, I was feeling better than ever! I did manage to throw on some maxi dress as a fail-safe no-brainer outfit for that lazy not-so-feeling-well day. The vest is an amazing find from one of my thrifting adventures back home and guess for how much? Less than a dollar...Oh, yeahhhhh! :)


H&M maxi dress. thrifted vest from the Philippines. Value Village combat boots. Aldo bracelets. Ardene ring and hat. Ray-ban aviators.
Photos by the amazing Ashley of lionslacelattes

The Alberta Fashion Week sneak-a-peek was an open event for the viewing public to see the venue, chat with designers, enjoy appies and drinks from earl's and just rub elbows with every important individual from Calgary's fashion industry. It was basically a lot like Monday's Media Reception but less exclusive and "not-so-secret" as what they would call it. 

I was able to go backstage again to talk briefly with the designers who were showing some of their designs to the public that night. Mealan showed this amazing coral dress with Peter Pan collar that is so big right now. Mealan doesn't make her own garments but she has an eye for good pieces, buys them from abroad and sell them on her store. 

Bellissima  wanted to show that they are not your mother's store ANYMORE and so they opted to show this black dress that is very young, hip and casual.

D.W. showcased a RTW dress that is made from curtains and his mom's old clothes. It was definitely different from what he showcased last Monday at the Media Reception but he said he wanted to show versatility and I think he definitely accomplished that. I am still looking forward to buying a blazer from him though!

While waiting for the show to start, I got my touch-up done for free by Smashbox and Bourjois-Paris. They also gave away some swag and they will be doing the make-up of all the models this fashion week.

 more photos HERE.
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Last night was the first set of runway shows and I was very pleased with the designers! Not entirely like the Philippine Fashion Week but most definitely, Calgary does have its own charm! 

Another set of shows tonight. My feet are dead cos of wearing heels all week, I've barely slept and I already ran out of business cards but nothing's stopping me! See you there~

beso ♥


Anonymous said...

your vest is amazing!- V

KD faustino said...

thanks, doll!

Kookie B. said...

Rockin that maxi dress with those boots. The event is so posh ha. :)

KD faustino said...

It def it, kookie! :)