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Worked for 10 hours today, got home, had half of a croissant + banana for dinner and showered. I went straight in front of my computer for this blog post and while waiting for tinypic to upload my photos, I did my nails and downloaded movies. Yes, that is how hectic my life is lately. I'm lucky enough that I can squeeze in new blog posts but unlucky to have the time to blog hop. So forgive me if I haven't visited your blogs. I have been killing myself at the gym too lately and I spend approximately 4 hours for that (2 hours for work out and another 2 for the awesome massage chair, walking to and from the train and waiting for the bus). The moment I am home, I am beat and could barely function. Plus I just got myself a new blu-ray DVD player where I can just stick in my USB and watch all the movies I've downloaded from the internet ;)

Last Friday was actually a different story. I was out of work by 3:30 and stayed at home allll night long thinking of outfits for the next day's photo shoot. I worked in the morning of Saturday and then went straight to the photo shoot. I can't remember the last time a professional photographer took photos of me so I was kind of awkward and timid at first even if the photographer is actually my friend Chris Renaud. Fortunately, by the second and third outfit, I think I got more comfortable and was actually doing my thing. I am getting the final photos this week and will be posting it here in the next couple of week ;) Starving, Chris and I headed to the nearby resto for some eat-all-you-can Chinese before heading to a disco-themed party. I ended the night early in my bed drinking a glass of wine and watching Serendipity all by lonesome.

The weather is so warm now that last Sunday after yoga, I headed to Dee's and we went around Shawnessy from the Registry to Staples to Sportchek to Future Shop to Walmart and Mcdonald's. It was an unproductive day, really. I was supposed to get my ID picture done and my business cards printed but alas, due to unforeseen circumstances, I wasn't able to do any of the two and instead I ended up with a new DVD player on hand.

I am not sure if spring has officially sprung because the reports say that it'll be snowing tomorrow (Just when I have the H&M VIP opening event to go to...BOO!!). 
Guess it's only a spring fling for now, hey? :(

beso ♥

dress: thrifted from the Philippines
cardigan: XOXO
oxfords: Steve Madden
floppy hat: Chapel Hats
belt: Bench
OTK socks: Ardene
ring: Costa Blanca


Mars said...

I can't believe it's still snowing there! But that's expected, given that Canada's in the north. Anyway, I love your hat and I can't wait to see those photos your photographer friend took.

Mars of fashion insouciance

Melai said...

love the hat! grabe may ice parin dyan while here in the Phils super hot hot na!

Melai of Style and Soul

Gela said...

Love the outfit! :) I'm inspired to wear something like this. :D


KD faustino said...

Yes! There's still snow here! Although it melted na...most of it. I hope we wont get another snow storm :( glad u ladies loved the outfit x

taa said...

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samantha erin said...

Ah! What is this blu-ray player that you got? I download WAY too many movies, and am so sick of watching them on my tiny little laptop screen.

Your posts make me much too hopeful about Spring. They make me want to prance around in flouncy skirts and sun hats, despite the oncoming snow that I know we're gonna get.

So sad.

Have fun at the H&M event!


BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

hehe uwi ka na din :P

i admire your motivation to bus to and from the gym. i drive everywhere and yet i cant manage to get my butt to the gym LOL!


michelle_ said...

i want your hattt!
tops off looks beautifully !

glisters and blisters

KD faustino said...

Emailed you, Sam! :) and thank you, ladies x

Kookie B. said...

i can't believe there's still snow there. it's super init na here!!! swap tayo! haha!

but even with the snow and all, you still look fabulous with that floppy hat.

Lloyda said...