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HELLO LOVELIES! I know I was supposed to do a blog entry about my room last weekend but I got so preoccupied with spontaneous happenings and so I'll make it up to you guys next time :) As usual, I thought I was gonna have a steady weekend but instead I was out from Friday to Sunday! Went to Southcentre with Dee to get Rihanna tickets last Friday and then decided to go back to her house to drink (we did a little shopping at Value Village too and I bought some gym outfits and RL dressy shorts). Little did I know, the whole house is up for a party and we stayed up until 4 am doing karaoke, drinking champagne, Bailey's and red wine all together. Woke up the next day with a major hangover (the last one I had was NYE, I think!) but come dinner time, there was an overload of food from kare-kare, chopseuy and teriyaki. We were supposed to have another drinking sesh but alas, I was kidnapped by Swiss Army (which is good cos my tummy was hurting and I don't think I can ever drink again that time) and my Saturday night was instead spent watching 127 Hours (perfect thing to do when there's a major snow storm outside in the middle of what is supposed to be spring time). Sunday, I went back to Dee's cos I was feeling a bit melodramatic and we had another overload of food from pansit to liempo and had a steady drinking sesh of red wine and champagne. 

I would prolly not wear too much color in one outfit but Canada just really turned me into a more colorful person...which is good, I think. I have to spice up my wardrobe and try new things, yeah?

What did you do last weekend? 

April is the birthday month of my blog and I have a lot in store for you, lovelies! Come back~

beso ♥

blazer: Value Village
tank top: Old Navy
skirt: Forever 21
tights: Joe
booties: Spring
watch and ring: Ardene


Karla said...

love the aqua accessories!!! ang galing mo mag mix and match! divine na divine talaga!

KD faustino said...

awwww! ohhhhhhhhhver ka na, vic basa ah! thanks, my love~

in Aie's shoes said...

oylovoet!!! i love the blazerrrr! a big chunk of my weekend was spend eating! bad for my legs lol! ahhh 127 hours! I didn't see much of it because I've been covering my eyes for the most part in anticipation of the cutting! =/

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

love the blazer! :)

KD faustino said...

@aie HAHA! i know what you mean with the cutting of the arm parts! it was gruesome. quite an interesting movie!

thanks for loving the blazer aie and val x

Fashion Me Chic said...

You look very nice. Maybe we can follow each other?