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Cos I'm a girl, I roll out of bed in the morning, throw on what I wanted and go.

Hamming it up with mahhh girl, Dee

One sunny Monday afternoon after work. Treating myself with some beef bourguignon and catching up on my reading :)

I could be Zachy's rubber ducky but I'm too big. LOL!

Pre-drinking at Amy's before going to Ship

I have lots of endurance, good balance but I have no rhythm whatsoever! Still, I think Kinect is the shiz!

Sushi Sundate at Sakana with my buddy, Gary

Because I was deprived for 5 days to not eat/drink dairy cos of my Norovirus, I got a bit excited!

My love for this boy is like my love for my doggy back at home

Doing my madlib for Fashionism.ca's Top 15 Canadian Blogs...still can't believe till now that I've made it ;)

At C's drinking, Kinect and karaoke night

Cos the snow storm deprived me of going anywhere, I got myself a load of food from Safeway + Pretty Little Liars!

Best hot cocoa I've ever had in my life which was made by the best blue eyes I've ever seen

Vodka 7 nights at Ship

What's for dinner? Salmon + asparagus = YUM!

Got myself new runners for 50% off after realizing that I've been using the same runners since college...so unfashionable!
My fail-safe outfit: blazer, jeans, boots and a beanie

 Lisa Waiter for the eyes to sparkle!

Karaoke at my friend's in Cochrane....Belting out Heart's "Alone" ;)

Will you meet me there?

Friday is Cosmo night

In love with this bejewelled cuff

Imagining my bday at a park, on a sunny day with lots of bubble blowers, balloons and champagne with the people I love

Sushi Saturdate at Globefish with Dee :)

I miss sitting at Starbucks, drinking green tea, reading gossip, eating lemon chicken and letting time pass me by. 

Cochrane lovin'

Remember the PARKSHOW where a couple of people were  a bit disappointed with the outcome? Well, I addressed the concern to PARK organizers and here is what they have to say (c/o Enas Abbas):

"PARK is a non-profit organization that aims to support and promote emerging artists and fashion designers in Calgary. It is very expensive for artists & designers who are students, new alumni, or new business owners to host a fashion show or gallery event ($5000+). Our organization gives artists and designers a place to show and share their work with all expenses paid for by PARK. We provide not only the venue but also the hair, make-up, models, staging, lighting, dressing and display free of charge for the artists participating. The organization is run entirely by volunteers, and all revenue made from PARKSHOW goes back to the organization to host future events. Any additional costs that the organization does not have enough money to cover are funded by the President & VP Operations. The organization is starting to make gains in terms of funding but in order to increase our fund raising efforts (to prevent us from having to use money from our own pockets) we have had to operate on a very strict budget. And unfortunately due to the size of the venue, we were not able to accommodate more than 65 seats. If we had filled the hall we would have cut our capacity down by half, which we could not financially afford. I think there maybe was a misunderstanding that the event was also a fundraiser for the organization. We'll be sure to do this next time. Again, due to budget restrictions invitation only was not possible for this event.

However, I do agree that there could be more consideration for air flow and visibility. Unfortunately due to the age of the venue we could not seat people on the balconies due to fear of it collapsing, but we could look at other alternatives such as better air circulation or using fans. And unfortunately due to the size of the venue, we were not able to accommodate more than 65 seats. If we had filled the hall we would have cut our capacity down by half, which we could not financially afford.

Lastly, we presented 9 designers and over 96 looks in this show. To provide each designer with a different set of models is not feasible for our organization, the modeling agency or the stylists to accommodate (ie: 6 models/designer x 9 designers = 54 models). Many shows reuse hair & make-up for different looks, Fashionata hosted by Holt Renfrew is a great example of this. However, I do agree the styling could be improved for the next show and will be something we will try to work on. Shoes are also a challenge, we were limited to the shoes provided by our sponsor and many of the girls had size 11 feet. This meant they were limited to wearing what shoes fit them so we did our best with what we had to work with. Some of the designers were also very particular about how their clothing was styled. They preferred only certain shoes, or jewelry or no jewelry at all. Although this is again something we want to work more with them in the future, we don't want to interfere with their creative vision."

Hope this answers any question you have about PARK and the show! It sure did answer mine :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies! x

beso ♥


Melai said...

Park sounds like a really promising group with a lot of room for potential venture. I love your photos, seems like you're having the time of your life :)

Melai of Style and Soul

camerafilmroll said...

Snow!!!! Too bad there's so snow here in Singapore. ):

michelle_ said...

always love it when bloggers do a photo diary :)
you seem to be having a great time !

glisters and blisters

KD faustino said...

glad you girls love this set x

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