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photo c/o http://getfabricatednow.blogspot.com/

The city is so quiet this weekend that you wouldn't believe that it was so full of life last weekend. Last Saturday was the much-awaited Fabricated event at The Grand. Even if the weather wasn't very cooperative, everybody donned in their most fashionable outfits (I was wearing a very Coachella-ish/spring-summer outfit that you can see HERE) and braved the cold and snow to get to the event.  Ashley and I both got VIP tickets to the event being "media" that we are (Ah, the perks of being a blogger). Ash tagged along another upcoming blogger, Chesley while I didn't bring any plus one and instead became a third wheel to their duo. Everyone started the night off with some bubbly, wine, cocktails and/or beer. A little alcohol can get you far in terms of mingling, I believe. It's nice to see familiar faces from the fashion industry and meet a lot of new ones which is the best thing about events like these.
Peeko Apparel started the show with a bang! The styling with the feather headdress is just amazing in my opinion and of course the creation and the designs were absolutely stunning! I wouldn't wear everything in the collection but I would definitely wear most of them. Yes, with a feather on my head too.
Apiana Que was the next up and her creations were very classic, sophisticated and girly. Not my style but I can definitely see the Blair Waldorfs of the world beaming when they see her designs. 

Jalu followed after a short intermission that gave everyone the opportunity to freshen up, get some more drinks and just mingle again. Jalu is just perfect to start off the second set of designers of the night. Every single piece that strutted down the runway caught my eye. It is one of those collections were I would say, "I love everything and would wear every single piece in that collection!" The designs are unisex which makes it even more practical...Just imagine you and your bf can wear the same thing. Very androgynous and that's just the way I like it. 

KaaDiki ended the event showcasing a classic men's collection with a twist. Now, if only all men would wear something like his creations and take it to the street.

FINALLY, some real talented designers from Calgary! KUDOS TO ALL THE DESIGNERS!!!

photo by Doug Wong

Despite some technical issues (what's up with the long intermission?), I could definitely say that Fabricated is one of my fave fashion events in Calgary by far. I just like the venue and the concept of limiting the guests. I love the crowd but there comes a point when it becomes too crowded and I think Fabricated did a great job with guest control. The stage set-up was really impeccable too--neat, professional and nothing too flashy. 

Looking forward to more events from the Fabricated team!!!

beso ♥


***All photos were taken by the girl with the messy hair unless stated otherwise. If you are using any of these photos for your site, please link it back to this blog. Thank you~


Anonymous said...

i love jalu too!- S

KD faustino said...

definitely, my fave among the bunch too!

camerafilmroll said...

Wish I was there! The teaser image looks so intriguing!

michelle_ said...

that poster looks sooooo .... (i dont know what the word..but it's defintiely something beyond interesting)

wish i could come !