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If you are are an avid reader of my blog, you must know by now that one of my favorite weekends would be the Coachella weekend. It's not that I've had the chance to go but it is true, Coachella is not just about the music now but also about the fashion. Until the time when I would actually have the privilege to go to Coachella weekend, all I can do is wear a Coachella-inspired outfit.

I fell in love with this fringe lacey top the moment I saw it at the H&M The Core pre-opening event and I guess everyone else did too cos it was said to be sold out in every size possible!!! I just think it is very quirky and versatile in terms of styling. I would definitely be able to wear this from the city to the beach. Indeed, I did. I wore this exact same outfit to the Fabricated event last Saturday even if it was 0 degrees and snowing. I couldn't care less..on my mind, it is spring already.

Fabricated was amaziiiiiiiiing!!! But I am saving the photos, stories and reviews for my next post. Stay tuned!

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Special thanks to Chris Renaud for the photo and Dette Ringor for the banner design~

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fringe lace top and sling bag: H&M
maxi skirt and cross necklace: Forever 21
wedge booties: Chinese Laundry
straw hat and ring: Ardene
beso ♥


camerafilmroll said...

Loving the lace top! Coachella inspiration!

Kookie B. said...

i LOOOVE this! I want the top!!!

KD faustino said...

thank you, ladies x

michelle_ said...

this maxi skirt look is sooooo gorgeousss !
i love everything ! its one of my fave looks from you !

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so stunning. x hivenn

KD faustino said...

awww! thank youuuuu!~