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spring anticipating

I have a confession to make...I am not girly. Most of my friends know that I would choose trousers over a skirt any day. Don't get me wrong, I do love skirts and dresses because I think they can be easily styled but I am a feisty girl who loves a challenge. I think any girl can pull off the "leotard with a high-waisted skirt and booties" look but not everyone can make look trousers/jeans/pants look interesting. 
Take for instance this dress. My boss' mom gave this to me last weekend and because it was a gift, it is hard to say no. At the back of my mind, I thought it was too granny and old-fashioned. Old-fashioned and vintage are two different things. Secondly, it was too floral and God knows I am not a fan of too much flowery stuff...I leave that to my love, Amy. But something inside me thought that I can actually make this not-so-me dress MINE...and so I did. Threw on some shearling leather jacket, combat boots, pink socks, braided belt, Ray Ban's and of course, the messy hair-- wahlahhhh, it is ME now ;)

The sun sets at 7pm now which is making me all giddy and happy! However, the weather's still at -25...BOO!!!! But in my mind, it is already Spring. Hence, the "spring anticipating" outfit.

but I am still cramming because I can only upload 2 photos at a time! EEEP!!!
Please leave your Chictopia link on the comment box in case you have one so I can add you. 
Have a fun weekend, lovelies~

beso ♥

Follow the girl with the messy hair.

shearling leather jacket: H&M
dress: gift
combat boots: Value Village
socks: Joe
rings: gift


Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

I love how you made this floral dress work for your style. :) I need to get back in the swing of chictopia again too. I haven't been on there in ages!!

KD faustino said...

thanks Ash! yeah, i need to just fix my Chictopia! the last time i was on there was september, i think!

Fashionism said...

Cheers to your 'your-own' style! It's amazing to see some mix-and-match outfits that aren't just plainly copying whatever trends are everywhere.

Nice to see you turn something that doesn't quite fit your taste into your own unique outfit. Also, loving the shades :)

Be ready to mix and match for the spring coming up!