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So sorry for the late post about this fashion show. I know a lot of you have been anticipating but this weekend was just crazy busy when I thought it was going to be steady. It is always like that with me. Canada is making me spontaneous as I can be. Moving on...

Last Saturday, I tried my best to glam up after working in the morning to go to the PARKSHOW. I decided to wear this lace top given by my friend Abby from back home and this new paperbag Zara trousers I got a few months back but haven't worn. Instead of my usual boots, I donned on my H&M pumps only because the weather calls for it. I headed to Hudson's before the show with my fellow Calgarian bloggers (Danielle, Ashley, Amy, Natalia and POUT designer, Kirsten) for some pre-fashion show drinking and some catching up. The thing I always look forward too during fashion shows is mostly getting together with these fashion people friends :) After a few drinks, we walked two freakin' blocks in our heels to get to the venue and see the show.

photo by Chuck Szmurlo

Ashley with Danielle of http://deathbyshoe.com/

Coritha Bunag

Kirsten Summersgill of http://www.poutclothing.ca

Linda Sui Lem and Adriana Sveen of http://calgaryfashion.ca

Marsina King of Manokin Design

Ashley Chesney, Kalsey Samson, Amy Nelson, Sabrina May, Daniela Codreanu, et al.

 Daniela Codreanu and beau

 Kalsey Samson

The venue was buzzing already with people from the fashion industry. Art were posted in walls and everyone started mingling with each other. These is what I love most about fashion shows--being able to meet people from the industry who have the same passion for fashion as you do. The show started right on time with Ian Keteku doing a bit of a stand up then there was this burlesque performance. Models strutted down the runway a few minutes later. I found myself a good spot at the end of the runway but I had to sit on the floor because there were no seats available for anyone to sit (unless you are VIP) and you just have to be considerate with other people who may not be able to see. That is one of the downsides of the event actually...As one of my fellow bloggers would say, "When you pay $16 for an entrance fee, the least they can do is give you proper seating." It is not being vain but more of people can barely see the designs which totally contradicts the purpose of the show. From what I have seen, I wasn't too impressed with some of the designs but there were definitely some good ones (like the ones from Manokin Design). The show was hyped TOO much that I guess we expected a bit TOO much too. Everyone else went to Hifi for some after-party dancing but Ash and I decided to stay and dance in a middle of a dance cirlce. Talk about too much vodka, beer and exhaustion--lethal combination.

beso ♥

lace top: given by a friend
trousers: Zara
pumps, cuff and satchel bag: H&M
***All photos are taken by The Girl with the Messy Hair unless stated otherwise. Please link back to this site if you will be using these photos for any other site. Thank you! x


Natalia P of feralstyle said...

Oooh I am so jealous of your beautiful runway shots, sitting on the floor was well worth it! My biggest gripe was my poor viewing spot but I am far too polite to 'throw bows' to get up close ;) My two faves were the Manokin Design and Madame Wolf collections. BTW-I love how you organized your post, interspersing the runway shots with style and candid shots. Great flow to it. I also really like the shot someone took of you taking a photo, too cute. xx

KD faustino said...

awww... thanks for your very constructive comment, Natalia! I was lucky to be able to squeeze myself at the end of the runway although some models didn't go as far as the end of it :( Hope to hang out with you soon, girrrrl! x

gabriella said...

hope you had fun at parkshow! my friend hannah helped organize it last year, so it's always super exciting to hear people that attend!

i know this is sort of a late comment, but thanks for the comment on my clothes challenge (back in november!)! i've been following your blog for quite awhile after hanging out with amy and sam who told me all about you!

wish i could have participated in the calgary blogger meet up, but alas the majority of my year is spent in ottawa!!


KD faustino said...

hey gabi! thank you for that lovely comment! i think amy mentioned you a while back! i surely hope to meet you soon and will be following your blog from now on x